The CRD Animal Shelter has wonderful pets waiting to be welcomed into a good home. If you are looking to adopt a new best friend, please visit the Shelter or fill out an application for one of the animals listed for adoption.

Dogs for Adoption   

Phil is an ten-month-old Rottweiler Cane Corso X pup. He can be a bit shy but knows all his basics now and is coming along nicely. He is ready for a family who can continue on with his care. He should be fine with other animals and respectful children.  In foster care, please call ahead to meet him. 

Adoption Pending!
is a 4 year old American Bully neutered male. He is the typical short chunky fellow approx 52 lbs. Wall-E needs to be kept on a hypo type diet to keep his ear infections at bay but is otherwise health, lovely and friendly. 

Mango is a 1 year old spayed female Lab Border Collie mix. She can be a bit unsure but very sweet and friendly once she warms up! She seems to ignore cats so should be fine to live with them. If she lives with another dogs a bigger one is bets as she can be rather border collie style bossy with the other dogs.  

Cats for Adoption

Lasagna is a 10 month old neutered male DSH ginger tabby. He is very shy but learning to trust new humans. He would make a great companion for a social cat who can show him the ways. He loves other cats and is learning to love humans. 

is a spayed female tabby who is looking to find the right person willing to give her a chance. She is very unsure about people but can be petted. She is needing a patient person who would be willing to give her a time to settle into this strange new world. She gets along with other cats so would be great for someone who wants a companion for their current cat. Her adoption fee is half off to encourage someone to give her a chance. 

Meet Abbot and Costello, these cats are hoping to find a barn home together. They are used to people so a horse barn or busier place should be fine for them once they are established. While they do not tolerate being touched they do come for goodies. They are fixed and vaccinated and the adoption fee is by donation to our barn cat program. Keep your barn rodent free while helping these unadoptable cats find a place to go.

Nala and Hart
 looking for a barn home where they can stay together. They are quite shy so will likely keep their distance but would be good mousers as they were born outside on their own. They will need to be contained for 4-6 weeks to acclimatize to their new home and will require their new family to provide them with food, water and shelter. If you can help these two escape shelter life please contact us. 250-658-5745. Adoption fee is by donation to the barn cat program.

Other Animals for Adoption


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Hours & Location

5401 Pat Bay Highway (three driveways past the Weigh Scale across from Elk Lake).

Viewing Times

1 – 4pm Monday to Saturday. The Shelter is not open on Sundays and holidays.


Tel: 250.658.5745

We are very busy taking care of the animals in the Shelter. If you don’t reach a live person by phone, please leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience.

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