investing in healthcareA corporation of the CRD, the Capital Regional Hospital District (CRHD) partners with Island Health and community stakeholder agencies to develop and improve healthcare facilities in the region and provide capital funding for infrastructure such as acute care, residential care and hospital equipment.

The CRHD was established by the provincial government (Hospital District Act) to provide the local share of capital funding for healthcare infrastructure in the capital region. Working with Island Health, the CRHD supports a healthy region by investing in healthcare service and capital strategic priorities such as:

  1. Upgrades and renewal of existing health facilities and medical equipment to meet changing service requirements and prolong the economic life of buildings;
  2. Replacement of existing buildings that have reached the end of their economic and functional life;
  3. New projects and expansion of existing facilities to meet increasing demand for healthcare services.

To ensure accountability for CRHD expenditures, the CRD provides oversight and review of facility projects and expenditures for major capital projects (greater than $2 million), minor capital (between $100,000 and $2 million), healthcare equipment and non-traditional projects. The CRD also works through community-based networks to identify the need for non-traditional capital funding requirements in the areas of primary and residential-based healthcare services.

Capital Regional Hospital District Board

The CRHD Board is the governing body fiscally responsible for the region’s health facilities and hospital equipment. The Vancouver Island Health Authority (Island Health) is responsible for the delivery of health care in the region.


The Capital Regional Hospital District was established in 1967 by the Hospital District Act. The geographic boundaries of the CRHD contain 49% of the Vancouver Island population and approximately 66% of Vancouver Island’s health facility infrastructure.


The Health and Capital Planning Strategies Division administers the CRHD function on behalf of the CRHD Board of Directors. The Health and Capital Planning Strategies Division reports to the CRHD Board of Directors through the Hospitals and Housing Committee which makes recommendations to the Board. The CRD and CRHD share the same Board of Directors and Officers.

Recent CRHD Initiatives

Oak Bay Lodge Property

Upon completion of The Summit at Quadra Village, Oak Bay Lodge, which was determined to be at the end of its functional life, was transferred to CRHD for re-development. Oak Bay Lodge was deconstructed in 2022. A comprehensive planning and public consultation process for the future use of this property, located at 2251 Cadboro Bay Road, was undertaken in 2021. Read more >>

The Summit at Quadra Village

The Summit at Quadra Village 320-unit residential complex and dementia care facility replaced the Oak Bay Lodge and Mount Tolmie Hospital. Built by the CRHD, The Summit at Quadra Village has been leased to Island Health for 25 years. Read more >>

950 Kings Road Property

Acquired as a strategic land holding for future use, development or sale by the CRHD, the 3.5-acre property at 950 Kings Road is currently leased to Island Health and the City of Victoria for health and community programs.

CRHD 2023 Capital Plan

On March 15, 2023, as part of the 2023 Final Budget approval, the CRHD Board approved the following 2023 contributions to Island Health healthcare capital projects:

  • $2.78 million - Lady Minto Emergency Department on Salt Spring Island 
  • $227,000 - High Acuity Unit at Victoria General Hospital
  • $356,000 - Long Term Care Facility in Royal Bay, Colwood
  • $75,000 - High Acuity Unit at Royal Jubilee Hospital
  • $60,000 - Relocation of Mental Health Substance Use Teams at Royal Jubilee Hospital
  • $18,000 - Expansion of the Medical Device Reprocessing Department at Victoria General Hospital 
  • $90,000 - Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation Program at Gorge Road Hospital
  • $135,000 - Child/Youth Mental Health Stabilization Unit at Victoria General Hospital
  • $193,000 - MRI (1.5T) Replacement at Royal Jubilee Hospital
In 2023, the Capital Regional Hospital District will also contribute $3.75 million to minor capital projects (projects with total cost less than $2 million), $2.95 million towards medical and diagnostic equipment and $10 million to the Regional Housing First Program.