Rates and Accepted Items

Hartland accepts many recyclable and reusable materials for free, and other materials by pay-by-weight. Review the individual drop-down categories for specific material rates and items. Review the Hartland User Guide (PDF) for an outline of accepted items and rates.

For pay-by-weight items, your vehicle is weighed before and after dumping. Payment is calculated on the weight difference.

Example: 250 kgs (550 lbs) of garbage at $110/tonne = $37.50 ($27.50 + $10 bin user fee)

    Recycling & Reusable Items

    Most recycling and reusable items are accepted at no charge. Detailed list of no charge items.


    Residential recycling: Free (except for tires on rims)

    Business recycling: $26 (for packaging items and tires on rims)

    Reusable Items

    Some items can be brought to Hartland's Public Drop-off Depot for free to be reused.

    • Large working appliances (stoves, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers)
    • Clean textiles (dry and bagged)
    • Bicycles
    • Paint (fuller cans of new paint)

    Summary of accepted items and rates: Hartland User Guide (PDF)

    General Refuse


    Pay-by-weight: your vehicle is weighed before and after dumping, payment is calculated on the weight difference.

    Public drop-off area: $110 tonne + $10 bin fee
    Active face: $110 tonne, $10 minimum
    Bulky waste: $254/tonne, $10 minimum

    Example 250 kgs (550 lbs) of garbage = $37.50 ($27.50 + $10)

    Bulky waste

    Items greater than 1.5 m3 in volume or 2.5m (8') in length.
    Example = 7' x 7' hot tub

    More Information

    • Materials banned from landfilling and garbage

    Yard and Garden Material


    • Yard and garden material (less than 3"dia) - $59/tonne, $10 minimum
    • Branches and stumps (greater than 3" dia) - $110/tonne, $10 minimum
    • Invasive species (bagged and tagged) - $59/tonne, $10 minimum
    • Knotweed (with a controlled waste permit) - $59/tonne, $10 minimum

    More Information

    Kitchen Scraps

    Kitchen scraps are accepted during regular operating hours (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm and Saturdays 7am-2pm).

    Registered account customers outfitted with RFID tags have additional access to the kitchen scraps transfer station between 7am - 9am Monday to Friday.


    $140/tonne (2022)

    More Information

    Mattresses and Box Springs

    Mattresses and box springs are collected in the public drop-off depot at Hartland. 


    $110/tonne + $10 bin fee


    • Mattresses
    • Box springs
    • Mattresses can be stained but not overly soiled

    Not Accepted (take to garbage bin)

    • Futon mattresses
    • Foam mattresses
    • Unsanitary mattresses (i.e., blood, bugs, urine)
    • Excessively wet mattresses
    • Burned mattresses

    Unfinished Wood Waste


    Public drop-off depot: $110 tonne + $10 bin fee
    Active face: $110 tonne, $10 minimum

    More Information

    • Unfinished wood waste is not pressure treated, painted or stained.
    • Products are limited to lumber, plywood, pallets/skids, crating, wood fencing, wood shingles, particle and fibre board.
    • Wood from renovation projects such as wood subflooring or wood studs removed from underneath drywall, plaster or stucco requires a pre-approval application. For more information visit our Reno & Demo page.

    Renovation and Demolition Material (application required)

    Clean (non-asbestos containing) renovation waste is accepted from small residential loads through a pre-approval application. Clean demolition materials are accepted from commercial or self-tipping loads through a clean demolition permit. 

    Residential and Small commercial Loads (public drop-off depot)

    Large Commercial Loads (active face)

    More Information

    Asbestos Containing Material (appointment required)

    Asbestos containing materials is accepted at Hartland when properly packaged, with required test results and an appointment. Appointments are available Monday to Friday 9am-2pm.


    • From in region - $157/tonne
    • From out of region - $500/tonne (pre-approval required)

    More Information

    Controlled Waste (permit required)

    Disposal of controlled waste at Hartland Landfill requires a permit and an appointment. Residential customers can book appointments Monday to Friday 9am-2pm. Commercial customers with an RFID tag can book appointments Monday to Friday 7am-2pm.

    Examples of controlled wastes include dead animals, RVs and camper trailers, boats, clean (uncontaminated) demolition waste, large quantities of animal fecal waste, and contaminated and non-asbestos containing drywall.


    $157 to $500/tonne, depending on material. 

    More Information

    Hartland Information

    Upcoming Holiday Hours

    • Closed - September 30
    • Closed - October 2
    • Closed - October 9

    Cover Your Load

    All loads must be covered and secured in order to reduce litter on roadways. Vehicles arriving with uncovered and/or unsecured loads will be charged double the normal fee or be subject to a fine.

    Accepted Payment Methods

    Cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard and cheque are acceptable payment methods. Please note that cash is the fastest payment method.

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