Solid Waste Management Plan

2021 (Revision 3)

Existing Plan

The Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) aims to reduce how much material is sent to Hartland Landfill and guide how the region's solid waste is managed in a safe, secure and sustainable way, now and in the future.

Following CRD Board approval in May 2021, this plan was approved by the Province of BC in July 2023.

1995 (Revision 2)

Revision 2 - CRD Solid Waste Management Plan, dated November 1995:

Annual Reports and SWMP Progress Reports

To learn more about the CRD’s waste diversion programs, please see our Annual Reports and SWMP Progress Reports.

Solid Waste Stream Composition Studies

Conducted every five years, waste composition studies provide valuable benchmark data and analysis for evaluating the success of existing solid waste programs and planning future initiatives.