Permanent CRD Dog Licences

All you have to do is renew!

The CRD issued Permanent CRD Dog Licences to all dog owners in 2016. Now just one tag number is issued and will remain the same each year if renewed.

The Permanent CRD Dog Licence will still require renewal annually in order to keep our information current and comply with the Bylaw. But you will no longer be required to affix a new number to your pet which will ensure the licence data base is always up to date.

Renewal notices will arrive by mail around December 1st. You can renew online (using online banking), by phone, mail, at your financial institution (bring your invoice) or in person only at the following locations:

Due to COVID-19, our in-person locations are limited. We encourage you to take advantage of our online or by phone payment options.

  • Town of View Royal, View Royal
  • CRD Animal Care Services, Langford
  • CRD SSI Electoral Area Office, Salt Spring Island


I paid online, by mail or by phone, why haven't I received a new tag?

If you have a permanent tag (silver heart) then all you have to do is renew the tag number, you do not receive a new tag unless you have lost your permanent tag.  Permanent tags were issued in 2016 and on the back they state 'Permanent Tag, annual validation required.'

How do the CRD Officers know my tag is current/valid?

CRD Officers now have an app on their smart phone that can tell them if there is a balance on a dog tag account.

Why did the CRD change to Permanent Tags?

There are many reasons why a Permanent Tag is the best option:

  • Your licence number will not change therefore the database will always be up-to-date. Current information is available 24/7 if your dog is found with a CRD Dog Licence.
  • Convenience of paying for your licence online. After you receive your Permanent Tag you will no longer be required to attend a dog licence vendor and purchase a new tag; once you receive your renewal in the mail you can simply pay it using online banking.

What if I lose my tag?

If your dog's tag is lost, you can purchase a replacement for $5 from the CRD Office in person, by phone or by email, your account will updated immediately with the new licence number.

Will there be smaller tags for small breeds?

Yes we can now issue smaller tags for the small breed dogs.

Are the Permanent Tags better quality and will they last?

Yes, the tags once made of inexpensive aluminum will now be 0.047 stainless steel tags that have a life span of 7-10 years, if after seven years the tag requires replacement the CRD will replace it free of charge as long it is valid and your account is up to date.