Animal Regulation & Impounding Bylaws

CRD Bylaw and Animal Care Services have been functioning as an Animal Control agency for over 30 years. We offer high quality Animal Care and Control with caring and experienced staff trained to look after all domestic animals. Our mission is to provide services with integrity, impartiality and efficiency with the goal of obtaining voluntary compliance.

Our goal is to return lost pets to their owners. If this is not possible animals are well cared for at our Animal Shelter, and if unclaimed, animals are found suitable adoption or foster homes.

It is the responsibility of dog owners to be aware of and follow animal regulations in the CRD. Failure to do so may result in enforcement in the way of fines, animal impounding, or other penalties. Bylaws vary by municipality - please see below for complete bylaw information.

Animal Control Officers are on duty seven days per week and help owners ensure their pets are a positive addition to the community. This is done through education programs, providing advice, and enforcement. Officers also patrol neighbourhoods and parks for stray animals and return lost pets to their owners.

Animal Regulation and Impounding Bylaws by Area

Click on the municipality, electoral area or First Nation to view the Animal Regulation & Impounding Bylaw: