CRD Emergency Grab n' Go Bags for Pets

grab-goAre you prepared for your pet in an emergency? If not, not we can help you get started.

The CRD are now selling Emergency Grab n' Go Bags for Pets for $10 (tax included).

They can be purchased at these locations:

These kits will include:

  • Grab n' Go Bag
  • Basic pet first aid kit
  • Food/Water dish
  • Poop bags and dispenser
  • Emergency Leash
  • Waterproof bag for pet info
  • Pet Emergency Card
  • Pet Identification Card
  • LED Light/Pen
  • Water Tablets
  • Cat Litter Pan
  • Free CRD Cat ID Voucher

There's room to add to your kit with items your pet will recognize i.e. toy, blanket.

Email your completed Pet Identification card to be linked to your CRD Dog Licence!

Thank you to our sponsors:

  • Heartsafe First Aid

Are you prepared?

puppy-carrier-hhIs your family prepared for a major emergency, evacuation or natural disaster? How about your pets? Making arrangements before the chaos of an emergency can increase your pet's chances of survival and greatly reduce the fear and anxiety your pet will experience.

Create a pet emergency survival kit (Grab n' Go Bag). Keep your pet's kit with your family's emergency survival kit for quick and easy access.

Some items to add to you CRD Grab n' Go Bag for Pets:

  • Towel/blanket with your smell on it
  • Can opener
  • Fresh water and canned food (72 hours)
  • Any medication that your pet may need
  • Current vaccination records

Store your CRD Grab n' Go Bag in a pet crate/carrier. Check the kit twice a year (an easy way to remember is to do it when you check your smoke alarms bi-annually) to ensure freshness of food, water, and medication, and to restock any supplies you may have "borrowed" from it. Your pet should be wearing up-to-date identification at all times. This includes adding your cell phone number to your current information with CRD Animal Care Services, completing your Pet ID Card to carry with you as well as have in your kit. Your CRD Dog Licence will be available to emergency staff at all times so your dog will always have a way to get home.

Remember, you are ultimately responsible for the well being of your pet in an emergency. You now have the tools and resources to assist you in meeting this responsibility.

We need your help

CRD Bylaw and Animal Care Services are creating an Emergency Preparedness Plan for animals/pets. We are looking for volunteers who would be willing to offer large fields, barns, trucks and/or horse trailers to transport animals in case of disaster. If you are interested in volunteering please email Coral Henderson.

Free Emergency Decal

Contact our office at 250.478.0624 to receive your free emergency decal for your home.