General Refuse Restrictions

  • New: Asphalt shingles and treated wood (painted, stained engineered wood products) are banned from general refuse (effective July 2, 2024). Separated loads of asphalt shingles and separated loads of treated wood will be accepted at Hartland Landfill at a reduced tipping fee then transferred offsite for recycling or energy recovery. Read the media release or factsheet for more details. 
  • Reminder: Clean wood is banned from general refuse. Clean wood (pallets, crating and lumber off-cuts) must arrive separated from other materials and dropped off in a designated area as directed by staff.
  • Some items are accepted at the site under a special permit.
  • indicates items that are accepted in designated areas at the Hartland Depot.
The following materials are banned from the garbage.

General Items

Product Stewardship Items mobius

myrecyclopedia_logoFor items listed above that are not accepted at Hartland for either landfilling or recycling please consult our myrecyclopedia.

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How are landfill restrictions enforced?

General refuse is inspected when its delivered to Hartland. If a load contains excessive amounts of recyclable or compostable materials, the hauler is subject to ticketing under CRD bylaw, in addition to the cost of disposal. In some situations the hauler may not be allowed to deposit the waste and may be asked to remove the material from the site.

Do some wastes have special disposal requirements?

Due to environmental, health and safety concerns some materials require specific preparation, permits and/or appointments for acceptance at the landfill.