Zoning and Land Use Bylaws

Zoning bylaws regulate the use, density, size and location of land, buildings and structures as well as establish requirements for subdivision. Part 14 of the Local Government Act outlines the scope of authority for zoning and land use. Regulations may apply to such topics as:

  • Use of land and structures
  • Siting and size of buildings and structures
  • Types of buildings and structures
  • Flood plain regulations
  • Parking
  • Servicing requirements

The following zoning and subdivision bylaws apply to the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area:

Title Bylaw No.
Juan de Fuca Land Use Bylaw Bylaw No. 2040
Mobile Home Park Bylaw Bylaw No. 377
Juan de Fuca Subdivision Bylaw Bylaw No. 189
Malahat Land Use Bylaw Bylaw No. 980
Langford Subdivision Bylaw Bylaw No. 986
Willis Point Comprehensive Community Plan Bylaw No. 3107
Port Renfrew Comprehensive Community Development Plan Bylaw No. 3109
Rural Resource Lands Land Use Bylaw Bylaw No. 3602

These bylaws can be viewed in the Document Library for convenience. Please contact the Juan de Fuca Community Planning office to view the current bylaws and to confirm how these bylaws may affect you at 250.642.1500.

Amendments to a Zoning or Land Use Bylaw

Updates and amendments to zoning bylaws include opportunity for public review and comment at a public hearing.

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