Business and Industry 

This sector includes schools, restaurants, retail businesses, office buildings, hotels and motels, hospitals and manufacturing facilities. Waste from business and industry accounts for approximately 36% of the waste sent to Hartland Landfill, according to our 2022 Waste Composition Study.

Single-Use Items Regulations

Different levels of government have introduced regulations surrounding the use or distribution of single-use items such as checkout bags, cutlery, takeout containers, and straws. The City of Victoria has created a Sustainable Takeout Guide which may help businesses transition away from single-use items.

Information and updates on single use regulations:

Waste diversion opportunities

The business and industry sector is also referred to in our waste composition study as the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) sector.

The largest materials contributing to landfilled waste from the ICI sector include organics (20.3%), paper products (18.7%), plastic products (15.5%) and wood products (15.2%). About half of all waste could have been diverted through existing organics and recycling programs.

Businesses should consider reviewing their operations and look for ways to avoid or divert the most common materials being sent to the landfill.

Collection Services

Collection services for garbage, recycling and kitchen scraps for the ICI sector are provided by private collectors. Visit our Collection Services page for more information on service providers.


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