A man has his hand on the door of a CRD electric vehicle.The CRD supports local governments and partner agencies to implement a multi-modal transportation system, enabling residents to access activities and the natural wonders of our region.

Our Regional Information and Planning Service coordinates with regional and provincial stakeholders, collects and analyzes data, conducts research and analysis and enables partners to advance active transportation programming. Our work supports interjurisdictional transportation projects and initiatives that benefit the region as a whole.

Desired Outcome

Residents have access to convenient, green and affordable multi-modal transportation systems that enhance livability

Key Strategies & Plans

The CRD Board has approved transportation priority area implementation strategies to reduce congestion, encourage alternatives to personal vehicle travel and take action on climate change. At the regional level, transportation priorities align with the following plans and strategies:

The priorities also align to plans and policies from other agencies and senior governments, including:

At the local level, road networks are generally maintained and operated by municipalities. Within CRD’s three electoral areas (Juan de Fuca, Salt Spring Island and the Southern Gulf Islands), road networks are maintained and operated by the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure. In addition, the CRD coordinates with partners on matters related to transportation within electoral areas:

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