Traffic volumes listed are 24-hour counts based on short-term counts typically lasting about 72-hours. The traffic counts are collected using road-tubes which can result in traffic volumes varying per day, per month, and season of the year. The traffic count numbers may or may not reflect a count on any given day of the year. As a result the traffic counts contained in this database is intended for informational purposes only. Its accuracy or appropriateness is neither expressed nor implied.

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5 StNorthBeacon Ave
Admirals RdNorth/WestColville Rd
Admirals RdNorthCraigflower Rd
Admirals RdNorthEsquimalt Rd
Admirals RdSouthTrans Can Hwy
Amblewood DrNorthRoyal Oak Dr
Amity DrWestPatricia Bay Hwy
Arbutus RdWestHaro Rd
Bay StEastBlanshard St
Bay StEastCook St
Bay StWestGovernment St
Bay StEastTyee Rd
Beach DrNorthCranmore Rd
Beach DrNorthLansdowne Rd
Beach DrNorthSan Carlos Ave
Beacon AveWestPatricia Bay Hwy
Beacon AveEastPatricia Bay Hwy
Bear Mountain ParkwayWestMillstream Rd
Bear Mountain PkyNorthMcCallum Rd
Begbie StNorthPandora Ave
Belleville StEastDouglas St
Blanshard RdNorthCloverdale
Blanshard RdNorthCloverdale
Blanshard StSouthBay St
Blanshard StSouthBurdett Ave
Blanshard StNorthDouglas St
Blanshard StSouthFinlayson St
Blanshard StSouthHumboldt St
Blanshard StNorthPandora Ave
Blanshard StSouthRavine Way
Blenkinsop RdNorthMcKenzie Ave
Boleskine RdWestDouglas St
Borden StNorthMcKenzie Ave
Braefoot RdNorthMcKenzie Ave
Brock AveEastStrathmore Rd
Brookhaven RdWestOldfield Rd
Brookleigh RdWestPatricia Bay Hwy
Broughton StEastBlanshard St
Burdett AveEastBlanshard St
Burnside Rd EWestDouglas St
Burnside Rd EWestHarriet Rd
Burnside Rd ESouthJutland Rd
Burnside Rd WNorthHelmcken Rd
Burnside Rd WEastHelmcken Rd
Burnside Rd WNorth/WestMcKenzie Ave
Burnside Rd WEastTillicum Rd
Burnside Rd WEastWatkiss Way
Cadboro Bay RdNorthCranmore Rd
Cadboro Bay RdNorthLansdowne Rd
Cadboro Bay RdNorth/EastSinclair Rd
Caledonia AveEastBlanshard St
Canora RdNorthMcTavish Rd
Carey RdNorthMcKenzie Ave
Carey RdNorthVernon Ave
Cedar Hill Cross RdEastBlenkinsop Rd
Cedar Hill Cross RdWestHenderson Rd
Cedar Hill Cross RdEastHenderson Rd
Cedar Hill RdEastCook St
Cedar Hill RdNorthMcKenzie Ave
Cedar Hill RdSouthNorth Dairy Rd
Central Saanich RdSouthMt Newton Cross Rd
Chatterton WayNorthQuadra St
Circle DrEastDouglas St
Claremont AveEastPatricia Bay Hwy
Cloverdale AveEastBlanshard St
Colville RdWestDominion Rd
Colville RdEastLampson St
Cook StSouthBay St
Cook StSouthBurdett Ave
Cook StNorthFairfield Rd
Cook StSouthFinlayson St
Cook StWestLinwood Ave
Cook StNorthPandora Ave
Cook StNorthSouthgate St
Cordova Bay RdEastBlenkinsop Rd
Cordova Bay RdSouthFowler Rd
Cordova Bay RdEastPatricia Bay Hwy
Cordova Bay RdNorthRoyal Oak Dr
Courtney StEastBlanshard St
Craigflower RdEastAdmirals Rd
Craigflower RdWestDominion Rd
Craigflower RdEastLampson St
Craigflower RdWestTillicum Rd
Crescent RdWestFoul Bay Rd
Crescent RdEastFoul Bay Rd
Dallas RdEastCook St
Dallas RdEastDouglas St
Devonshire RdWestDominion Rd
Doncaster DrSouthNorth Dairy Rd
Dooley RdEastPatricia Bay Hwy
Douglas StSouthBay St
Douglas StNorthBelleville St
Douglas StSouthFinlayson St
Douglas StNorthPandora Ave
Douglas StSouthSaanich Rd
East Saanich RdNorthMcTavish Rd
East Saanich RdSouthMcTavish Rd
East Saanich RdSouthMt Newton Cross Rd
East Saanich RdNorthMt Newton Cross Rd
East Saanich RdWestPatricia Bay Hwy
Elk Lake DrWestPatricia Bay Hwy
Elk Lake DrNorthRoyal Oak Dr
Esquimalt RdWestAdmirals Rd
Esquimalt RdEastAdmirals Rd
Esquimalt RdWestDominion Rd
Esquimalt RdEastHarbour Rd
Esquimalt RdEastLampson St
Fairfield RdEastBlanshard St
Fairfield RdSouthBurdett Ave
Fairfield RdEastCook St
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