Engineering Specifications and Drawings

Appendix B – Standard Forms

Appendix C – Standard Drawings

General Waterworks

Standard Drawing No. Description
1.1 Standard Air Valve Installation for > 300 mm Pipe (PDF)
1.2 Air Valves – Typical Installation 100 – 300 mm pipe (PDF)
1.3 Standard Fire Hydrant Assembly (PDF)
1.4 Removed
1.5 50 mm and Low Point Flush Valve Installation (PDF)
1.6 100 mm Flush Assembly for Distribution Mains (PDF)
1.7 Standard Line Valve Installation (PDF)
1.8 Concrete Thrust Block Details (PDF)
1.9 Mechanical Thrust Restraint Applications (PDF)
1.10 Thrust Restraint Length (PDF)
1.11 Thrust Restraint for Flexible Couplings (PDF)
1.12 Standard Trench Detail (PDF)
1.13 Standard Water Valve Box (PDF)
1.14 Hydrant Installation in Ditched Areas (PDF)
1.15 Sewer Crossing under AC Water Main (PDF)
1.16 Flush Assembly for Distribution Mains with Pavement (PDF)

Services and Small Fittings

Standard Drawing No. Description
2.1 19 mm Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer Above Ground (PDF)
2.2 Double Check Backflow Preventer (50 mm & less) (PDF)
2.3 Cast Iron Cover for 19 mm Meter (PDF)
2.4 Existing Service Replacement (PDF)
2.5 Water Service / Meter – Typical Layout for Multi-Family Dwellings (PDF)
2.6 Standard Water Service Connection (PDF)

Valves Structural Details

Standard Drawing No. Description
3.1 Precast 100 mm Sensus Fireline Meter Vault (PDF)
3.2 Precast 150 mm Sensus Fireline Meter Vault (PDF)
3.3 Precast 200 mm Sensus Fireline Meter Vault (PDF)
3.4 Typical Double Check Valve Assembly Chamber - 100 mm & Larger (PDF)
3.5 Standard Access Hatch (PDF)
3.6 Standard Security Hatch (PDF)
3.7 Interior Lifting Ring – Cast in Place (PDF)
3.8 Lifting Hook – Channel Insert Detail (PDF)
3.9 Sump Pump – Standard Installation (PDF)
3.10 Automatic Sump Drain Assembly (PDF)
3.11 Thrust Plate and Seal Ring Detail (PDF)
3.13 Water Meter Detail - Mechanical Room (PDF)


Standard Drawing No. Description
4.1 Chlorine Injection Port for Reservoirs (PDF)
4.2 Typical Drain Clean-out (PDF)
4.3 12mm Mechanical Strainer Assembly (PDF)
4.4 Grading Curve - 25mm Minus Crushed Road Base
4.5 Grading Curve - 75mm Minus Crushed Road Base (PDF)
4.6 Grading Curve - Sand Bedding
4.7 Ladder Extension – Details
4.8 Water Sampling Port Enclosure Details (PDF)
4.9 Water Sampling Port – Typical Detail for Concrete Reservoirs (PDF)
4.10 Trench Dams for Slopes greater than 30% (PDF)
4.11 Trench Dams for Slopes to 30% (PDF)
4.12 Roof Vent and Enclosure for Reservoirs (PDF)
4.13 Non-Potable Water Warning Sign (PDF)
4.14 Water Sampling Point In-Ground Installation (PDF)

These specifications and standard drawings apply to the design and installation of water mains, together with their respective connections and appurtenances and any other associated works such as pump houses, reservoirs, vaults, etc, which are required to be designed and/or installed in the Juan de Fuca Water Distribution System.