You will require one or more of the following application forms.

Plan Processing Fees

A plan processing fee is paid at the time the application is submitted. In the event that the building permit is not issued within six months of receipt of the application, the building permit application will be cancelled and plan processing fee forfeited.
  • $100 construction value of less than $50,000
  • $200 construction value between $50,000 - $200,000
  • $300 construction value greater than $200,000

Required Supporting Documents

You must provide multiple copies of your plans in your application package. Plans must be drawn to scale. They must be clear, legible and indicate the nature of the work. Mirror image drawings will not be accepted.
  • Building permit application - completed form, signed and dated.
  • Plan processing fee.
  • Two sets of plans and a PDF emailed to the local office.
  • Plans to include foundation plan, floor plan (indicating room use), elevations (all sides of the building) and sections showing all structural details and finishes.
  • Site plan, complete with front, rear and side setbacks, distances to any adjacent watercourse, location of septic field and all buildings located on property.

Please refer to the Building Permit Checklist for a complete list of documents required. 

Please refer to the Residential Building Permit Guide for examples of typical plans. Drawings must be drawn to scale. The following scales are recommended:

Plan Type Metric Imperial
Site Plan 1:200 1/16"=1'
Floor and Foundation Plans 1:50 1/4"=1'
Elevation Plans 1:100 1/8"=1'
Section Plans 1:25 1/2"=1'