Data via Map Services

The CRD provides live connections to most data by way of map services. By connecting to these map services in a desktop GIS or CAD software package you are able to map and print the information.

The advantage of map services is that you are consuming the most up to date version of the data as possible.

If your software cannot connect to a rest endpoint directly (such as AutoCAD or QGIS), remove "/rest" from the URL and append "/WMSserver" to the end of the URL to connect as a WMS service. For example:

  • Rest URL:
  • WMS URL:

It is important to note that these service names do change occasionally as the data architecture in our GIS databases changes.

All of the CRD’s map services can be found here:

Specific “most requested” services are listed below:


Properties and Addresses

Aerial Photography

Cached Services

Imagery Services

Dates of aerial photo acquisition:

2023 - May 19-June 7
2021 - May 14-29
2019 - June, July 1
2017 - May 25, 26, 27
2015 - May
2011 - June
2009 - June
2007 - June 1
2005 - May 28

Data via Download

The CRD makes available for download the following data, which it has produced or for which it is the authority.

Contours 10m

Elevation at 10 metre intervals, generated from CRD digital elevation models.

Juan de Fuca Electoral Area Zoning

Current zoning data for the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area as defined by zoning bylaws and Comprehensive Community Plans.

Regional Parks

CRD Regional Park areas.

Region-wide Infiltration Mapping Project - 2016

The purpose of this project is to enable the Capital Regional District (CRD) assist local governments manage storm water runoff through the development of a reliable and consistent regional digital soil infiltration map and dataset.

Not to be used for detailed planning purposes. A site survey should be done before undertaking work.

Land Cover 2017/2019 LiDAR Enhanced Version

CRD Urban Land Cover dataset: 2017/2019 1-metre raster file of land cover mapped with the addition of LiDAR for the Core Municipal Area including Salt Spring, the southern Gulf Islands and Port Renfrew.

Canopy Height Model 2019

CRD Urban Land Cover dataset: 2019 1-metre raster file of the height of features on the landscape for the Core Municipal Area including Salt Spring, the southern Gulf Islands and Port Renfrew.

Hectare Grids 1986-2019

One hectare vector file of the CRD with percentage ranges or tree cover and imperviousness for the following dates: 1986, 2005, 2011, 2019.

Data From External Authorities

The CRD routinely receives inquiries about many categories of data for which the CRD is not the authoritative source. Questions about these categories of data should be directed to the responsible authority. Some examples of these categories are:

Agricultural Land Commission

Agricultural Land Reserve

Government of Canada

Indian Reserves

Province of British Columbia

Roads; Municipal Boundaries; Electoral Area Boundaries

Land Title Survey Authority

Legal property boundaries

Municipal Governments (eg Sooke, Victoria, Saanich, Sidney, etc.)

Municipal zoning


The Capital Regional District requires that the following acknowledgement must be displayed directly on or adjacent to any reproduction of this product or service: "Used with permission from the Capital Regional District."


Use of spatial data from this site is subject to the following: The Capital Regional District does not make any guarantee, expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy of data or fitness for a particular purpose, and does not assume liability or responsibility for the accuracy, content, completeness, quality or usefulness of any data. The Capital Regional District disclaims all liability of any kind whatsoever arising out of the use of, or inability to use, this data. The Capital Regional District assumes no responsibility for damages, losses, business interruption or expenses incurred as a result of using this product or service.


The Capital Regional District does not permit the user to rent, sell, distribute, transfer, or grant any rights to this product or service, in whole or in part, to another person or organization.


Please contact the CRD HelpDesk for questions regarding Geographical Information Systems or map services at the CRD.