Advocacy Strategy

The Board is committed to advocating in a consistent, focused way that aligns with the strategic priorities and influences issues important to the region and the people who live here.

Where the CRD does not have a direct service mandate, the Board can advocate on behalf of the CRD. This may include advocating for infrastructure as well as regulatory, legislative, financial and operational support from federal and provincial government partners. 

Regional Priorities

The CRD Board Priorities set the direction for the 2023-2026 term and represent the risks, opportunities and problems that need to be solved through collaboration for the benefit of the region. Each of these priorities has actions the CRD can advance directly as part of its mandate as well as areas that require action from other governments and partners to fully pursue opportunities and address challenges. 

  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Climate Action & Environment
  • First Nations
  • Governance

Advocacy efforts include Board resolutions and statements, face to face meetings, presentations, partnerships and correspondence. For a summary of activity and progress to date, please read:

Correspondence Archive

2023 Correspondence


Active Transportation Infrastructure Investment

Island Rail Corridor


Affordable Housing

Drake Road Housing Project

Housing Needs in Electoral Areas

Secondary Suit Incentive Program

Climate Action & Environment

Marine Invasive Species List

Short-Term Management of CRD Biosolids


Capital Region Emergency Service Telecommunications (CREST)

Increased high-speed broadband connectivity for the Jordan River and Shirley communities

Recapitalization of the Island Coastal Economic Trust

Speculation & Vacancy Tax – SSI Electoral Area

Electoral Areas

Salt Spring Island

Southern Gulf Islands

Other Topics

Mobile Youth Services Team

Letters of Congratulations

2020 Correspondence

Community Wellbeing - Transportation & Housing

Increased Transit Funding

Speed Enforcement on the Malahat

    Climate Action & Environmental Stewardship

    Parkland Acquisition

    Solid Waste

        Advocacy, Governance & Accountability

        Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP)

        Home Owner Grant Program in Electoral Areas

        Electoral Areas Rural Status

          Other Topics

          Letters of Congratulations to Locally Elected Members of Parliament

          South Island Prosperity Partnership

          Community Works Funds

          Transportation Plan for SGI

          Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities Resolution

          Telus Resolution

          Elk/Beaver Lake

          Canada Goose Management Strategy

          2019 Correspondence

          Community Wellbeing - Transportation & Housing

          Housing First

          Property Transfer Tax

          UBCM Housing Needs Report Program Grant

          South Island Transportation Strategy

          Protection of Sooke Hills Wilderness Park

          Protection of Greater Victoria Water Supply Area

          Climate Action & Environmental Stewardship

          Climate Emergency

          Climate Action Leadership

          First Nations Reconciliation

          Advocacy, Governance & Accountability

          Electoral Areas Rural Status

          Salt Spring Island Water Optimization Study

          Other Topics

          Waterways and Beaches

          Abandoned Boats Program

          Canada Goose Management Strategy

          Victoria Sexual Assault Centre Funding

          Deer Management

          Elk & Beaver Lake Remediation

          Weed Control Regulation (Invasive Species)

          Ocean Legacy Foundation Report

          Plastics Action Plan

          Letters of Congratulations to Locally Elected Members of Parliament