Source Control Practices

Industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) facilities who discharge process or non-domestic waste to a CRD sewage system must operate under the CRD Sewer Use Bylaw No. 2922. A facility must operate under a code of practice, permit or authorization.

Codes of Practice

Many facilities have best management practices (BMPs) within the industry, and are grouped together in sectors regulated under Sewer Use Bylaw codes of practice. If you fall into one of these sectors, a code of practice may apply to your operation:

If you are starting a new business or new location in an above sector, or completed a renovation, please complete a General Waste Discharge Assessment Form or for restaurants and food sector, a Food Service Waste Discharge Assessment Form.

Waste Discharge Permits

Industries, businesses or operators that discharge significant non-domestic wastewater flows (greater than 10 cubic metres per day) or wastewater containing high loads of specified chemical contaminants into the sanitary sewer system require a waste discharge permit. Waste discharge permits outline requirements for wastewater treatment, liquid waste quality, monitoring and reporting. Permittees are required to sample and test their waste, record flows and report to the CRD on a regular basis. CRD staff also perform regular inspections and audit monitoring to ensure permit compliance.

If you are starting a new business or have an existing business that discharges to the sanitary sewer system operated by the CRD, but are not currently operating under a permit, authorization or Code of Practice, please complete and submit a Waste Discharge Permit Application Form.

If you need to apply for a permit for temporary dewatering and/or discharge from construction sites please complete and submit the Dewatering or Construction/Excavation Permit Form.


Letters of Authorization are issued to operations that do not fall under a code of practice and have a lower impact on wastewater collection and treatment systems and/or the receiving environment compared to permitted operations. Authorizations have site-specific requirements and best management practices designed to limit the impact of the discharge and the potential for illegal discharges. Authorizations have sampling and reporting requirements determined on a case-by-case basis and inspections are carried out on a periodic basis by CRD staff.

If an operation discharges non-domestic waste into the sanitary sewer system, please complete and submit a Waste Discharge Permit Application Form. Please email if you have questions about your application.

What are prohibited & restricted wastes?

Read the list of prohibited and restricted wastes, including details on maximum allowable concentrations.

Waste Discharge Application Forms

For codes of practice:

For permits and authorizations:

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