New, Rated Mountain Biking Trails Coming to Thetis Lake Regional Park

Oct 17, 2022

Mountain bikers in the Capital Regional District (CRD) now have more safe, sanctioned trails to explore.

This week, 12 kilometers of new, designated and rated mountain bike trails in Thetis Lake Regional Park officially open. These new trails provide a safer, greater connection to nature and a visitor experience that differs from other mountain bike trails within CRD parks system. They provide primarily blue-rated cross country trails and are designated as multi-use for a range of park users, including mountain bikers, walkers, hikers, and trail runners.

Visitation to CRD regional parks is growing annually, with an increase from 5.2 million in 2010 to 8.8 million in 2021. The increase in park users has resulted in more demand for different types of outdoor recreation opportunities, including mountain biking. Existing designated multi-use trails have been used by mountain bikers at Thetis Lake Regional Park for some time, as well as some unsanctioned trails in more sensitive areas of the park.

The CRD acknowledges that any mountain biking opportunities must keep people connected to nature without compromising the natural integrity that draws people to the parks in the first place. Designation of more maintained trails in Thetis Lake Regional Park while decommissioning unsanctioned trails in sensitive areas means a safer, greater connection to nature for all visitors.

The newly designated trails in Thetis Lake Regional Park fit within the existing management plan for the park, and were part of the short-term actions identified to support the Mountain Biking Advisory Committee’s Advice and Guidance Report. These trails also contribute to improved connectivity and consistency of trail networks within the CRD’s regional parks and trails. The trails will be operated and maintained by the CRD, and expenditures for the project fit into the existing CRD Regional Parks and Trails’ operating budget.

In 2021, the CRD developed Mountain Biking Guidelines to address the recreational needs of mountain bikers in regional parks while giving consideration to other stakeholder needs and following the direction in approved management plans. This trail formalization fits with these CRD Board approved guidelines.

The CRD is committed to building positive relationships with mountain biking communities in the region. Mountain biking is an activity that improves physical health, enhances mental health and wellbeing, brings people together, and encourages activity in nature, all of which align with the core values of CRD Regional Parks.


*Cycling trails are identifiable on the map by rating symbols.


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Photo Caption: Thetis Lake regional park designated and rated mountain bike trails

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