Local Government Awareness Week

May 16, 2022

Colin Plant, CRD Board Chair shares the following remarks in recognition of Local Government Awareness Week 2022:

Victoria, BC — In British Columbia, Local Government Awareness Week runs from May 15 to May 21. This week is an opportunity to share some of what local governments, like the Capital Regional District, do on a day to day basis to support our communities and make our region a great place to live, work and play.

The Capital Regional District (CRD) is the regional government for 13 municipalities and three electoral areas on southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands and we play a critical role in planning, developing and executing essential work or services for our region.

The capital region spans the Territories of approximately 20 First Nations, of which 11 have Reserve lands and 9 have settlement populations made up of 4,142 members.

Our region has seen a huge level of growth over the last few years. Our population is now more than 432,000, an increase of 6.2% since 2017. As our community grows we endeavor to continue to adapt and meet the needs of our growing and changing region.

Some of our most visible projects which took place across the region in 2021 included the opening of the newest section of the E&N Rail Trail near Savory Elementary School, the continued work to implement the Regional Housing First Program to create affordable housing units, upgrades and improvements to local water systems and advancing our work on First Nations Reconciliation.

The CRD works collaboratively with First Nations and other levels of government and has direct relationships with individuals, businesses, organizations, institutions and communities that access regional utilities and services.

The CRD delivers services in three categories: regional, sub-regional, and local.

Regional services include things like the CRD Regional Parks, where all municipalities and electoral areas are served. CRD Regional Parks protects and manages more than 13,300 hectares of natural areas in 32 regional parks and 3 regional trails on southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. In 2021 parks received approximately 8.9 million visits.

The CRD is responsible for municipal solid waste management in the region, including waste reduction, recycling programs and operation of the Hartland Landfill. The CRD Board just approved our new Solid Waste Management Plan which will allow us to extend the life of Hartland Landfill by reducing the annual disposal rate per capita to 250 kg by 2031.

Another regional service which is CRD provides is housing. The Capital Region Housing Corporation (CRHC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CRD, is the largest non-profit housing provider on Vancouver Island. The CRHC currently provides homes to more than 3500 tenants with 1893 units in 50 buildings across the capital region.

The CRD also manages the Greater Victoria Drinking Water System. This system is the third largest in British Columbia, providing safe, clean drinking water to 392,000 people in the capital region.

Sub-regional services are services like the Core Area Wastewater Treatment System where two or more jurisdictions are served. The McLoughlin Point Wastewater Treatment Plan can treat 108 megalitres of wastewater per day, which is 108,000,000 litres, or the equivalent of 43 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Some smaller sub-regional services included the recreation centres which the CRD owns and operates across the region: Panorama Recreation, SEAPARC Leisure Complex and Salt Spring Island Recreation. The CRD also sponsors recreation programs in electoral area communities, encouraging a wide range of participatory opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

The CRD also acts as the local government to the electoral areas. Electoral areas are communities outside municipal boundaries, often referred to as rural or unincorporated areas. As a regional district, the CRD is responsible for administration and delivery of local services in the Juan de Fuca, Salt Spring Island and Southern Gulf Islands electoral areas.


Proud to be recognized as one of BC’s Top Employers and Canada’s Greenest Employers, the CRD delivers regional, sub-regional and local services to 13 municipalities and three electoral areas on southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Governed by a 24-member Board of Directors, the CRD works collaboratively with First Nations and all levels of government to enable sustainable growth, foster community well-being, and develop cost-effective infrastructure while continuing to provide core services to residents throughout the region. Visit us online at www.crd.bc.ca.



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