From seaward, Swartz Bay Wharf is located on the south shore of Colburne Passage, between Swartz Head to the east, and the BC Ferries Terminal to the west. By land this dock lies at the foot of Barnacle Road, which runs down to the water off Dolphin Road.

Public Moorage at Swartz Bay

swartzbay-hhThe wharf consists of two end-to-end floats, totalling approximately 130 feet, accessed via a 200 foot walk-on approach. This dock is primarily used by daily commuters from nearby small islands, such as Piers and Knapp. As space is at a premium, long-term moorage is limited to three days.

The Swartz Bay dock serves as the destination point for all gulf islands’ marine medical evacuations. Patients are met here by ambulance crews for transport to hospital. The outer float includes a yellow reserved area for such emergency use. This space is also used for private and commercial loading and off-loading. While using this area the boat operator must stay with the vessel, and be prepared to move in case of an emergency vessel requiring the space. The maximum time allowed is 15 minutes.

Nearby Services

Nearby services include the BC Ferries Terminal, which has a restaurant and washroom facilities, and Canoe Cove Marina, accessed via a path at the top of Barnacle Road. This marina has full facilities, including fuel and a café open during business hours.

The notice board at the head of the gangway provides information, payment envelopes, and a lock-box. Additionally, find rate information on this site.

Swartz Bay Wharfinger

Peter Binner (temporary)