Reports to CRD Board 

The Core Area Wastewater Treatment Project Board (CAWTPB) made their first report to the CRD Board on Wednesday, July 13.

The Project Board updated the CRD Board on the status of its work to date, summarized as follows:

  1. The Project Board's work is underway and on track to deliver a program recommendation and business case for consideration by the CRD Board by Sept. 30.
  2.  The Project Board is reviewing past technical work and related public comment and input.
  3.  The Project Board will establish a due diligence committee that reports to the CRD Board and the Project Board.

The Project Board will continue to regularly report to the CRD Board. Project Board reports will be uploaded to this webpage. 

Meeting Schedule 

The below table outlines the CAWTPB meeting schedule as well as the CRD Board meeting schedule where the CAWTPB will report out.

CAWT Project Board
(times & locations TBD) 
CRD Board
(1:30 pm, 6th Floor Boardroom
Monday, June 20 - 9am (Room 488) Wednesday, June 8 
Thursday, July 7 (Room 488)  Wednesday, July 13 
Thursday, August 4 - 9am (Room 488)  Wednesday, August 10 
Thursday, August 25 - 9am (Room 488)  Wednesday, September 14
Tuesday, September 6 - 9am (Room 107) Wednesday, October 12 
October - TBA Wednesday, November 9 
November - TBA  Wednesday, December 14 

The CAWTPB invites members of the community to attend any of the Project Board meetings to make a delegation. To address the CAWTPB please complete this form

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference sets out the roles, responsibilities and function of the Project Board and provides a framework that includes the Project vision and goals, guiding principles and values, meeting protocols, and identifies those matters that must be referred to the CRD Board for approval.

The CRD Board continues to have overall accountability for the Project and will be responsible for approving the final Business Case to submit to the federal and provincial governments. The CRD Board will also maintain responsibility for any changes that could affect scope, schedule and budget.  

More Information

Contact Us

Any correspondence submitted through this form may be circulated to the Project Board at an upcoming open meeting. By completing this form the author is consenting to disclose their correspondence with personal information. For more information, you may contact:

Angila Bains
Manager, Information Services