Recipes for a greener way to clean

Many household cleaners and solvents are hard on the environment — and, in our region, anything that goes down a drain inside our homes can end up in the ocean or in our groundwater.

Whether you're connected to sewer or on septic, what you put down the drain makes a difference.

Fortunately, there are environmentally-safe and inexpensive alternatives to most household cleaners. Lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar are just some of the natural products used in recipes you'll find in the Clean Green Cookbook.

Clean GreenMany household cleaners can't go into the garbage because they're considered hazardous wastes. Instead, return them free-of-charge for safe disposal at participating locations throughout the region. To find a location near you and for more information about sustainable cleaners and how to reduce your waste visit

Watch these videos to learn how to make and use the following recipes:


Check out the Clean Green Cookbook to find ways to be more green in and around your home.