CRD Regional Parks Presents Mountain Biking Guidelines to Board

Apr 23, 2021

Victoria, BC– Following the Mountain Biking Advisory Committee process, Capital Regional District (CRD) staff are bringing new Mountain Biking Guidelines to the CRD Board along with next steps for implementation. The Mountain Biking Guidelines, if approved, will apply to all mountain biking activities taking place within the CRD regional parks system. They will assist with the planning of sustainable mountain biking activities within regional parks, giving consideration to all regional park values.

“We continue to work to build positive relationships with the mountain biking communities in the region,” said Larisa Hutcheson, General Manager of Parks & Environmental Services. “Mountain biking is an activity that improves physical health, enhances mental health and wellbeing, brings people together, and encourages activity in nature. All of which align with the core values of CRD Regional Parks.”

The mountain biking guidelines provide a transparent process for identifying the most appropriate mountain biking areas within regional parks and acknowledges that there is a desire for more quality mountain biking experiences in the system. As of 2020, Regional Parks has 239 kilometres of trails that allow mountain biking, although not necessarily optimized or rated for mountain biking. Out of these trails, 67 kilometres have been assessed and given a difficulty rating for mountain biking.

The guidelines are forward-looking and intended to be applied by CRD staff, Committees and the Board. Key elements include:

  • Regional Parks recognizes that mountain biking is an increasingly popular mainstream outdoor recreation activity that is enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities for the physical, mental and social benefits.
  • A region-wide approach is required in order to provide a diversity of mountain biking experiences for regional residents.
  • A quality mountain biking trail relies on factors such as play, technical challenge, skills progression and trail rhythm. A list of mountain biking objectives has been provided to be considered when planning for future trail development.
  • An Assessment Checklist has been developed to help guide the careful consideration of mountain biking trails/infrastructure in regional parks. This checklist will promote systematic and consistent approaches to determining the scale, location, objective and density of mountain biking trails and related infrastructure within the regional parks system.
  • Mountain biking experiences in the region are likely to be more successful when involving a local mountain biking group.
  • Mountain biking opportunities need to keep people connected to nature without compromising the natural integrity that draws people to the parks in the first place.
  • Accompanying the guidelines is a series of short-term actions which will support and enhance mountain biking opportunities in regional parks where it is allowed.

The CRD recognizes there is a gap between the demand for mountain biking and the outdoor recreation offer in the region. Although the full demand may never be met, CRD Regional Parks can play a role in providing mountain biking opportunities as well as optimizing existing trails/trail networks that contribute to the overall mountain biking experience.

The guidelines are a first step towards the CRD and the various stakeholders working closer together to continue to build better and more sustainable quality mountain biking experiences in the regional parks system.

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