CRD seeks proposals for landfill gas upgrade project

Mar 22, 2021

Victoria, BC — The Capital Regional District (CRD) has issued a Request for Qualifications seeking submissions for the design and construction of a new CRD facility that will upgrade the biogas generated at Hartland Landfill to renewable natural gas (RNG).

This procurement process follows the announcement in April 2020 that the CRD and FortisBC would be working toward a supply contract for the CRD to sell RNG to FortisBC for beneficial use subject to approval from the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC).

“Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a key part of our commitment to take action on climate change,” said Bob Lapham, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) with the CRD. “Converting the biogas generated at Hartland Landfill to RNG will reduce our region’s emissions by approximately 264,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide over the life of the project—the equivalent to removing 2,240 cars from the road.”

Blending seamlessly with conventional natural gas, RNG is a carbon-neutral energy made from capturing and upgrading the biogas released from decomposing organic waste in the landfill.

A lifecycle greenhouse gas assessment found that decommissioning the electricity plant, a facility nearing the end of its life, and building a new RNG facility at Hartland Landfill is a more effective beneficial use of this resource from a climate change perspective.

Responses will be accepted until April 30 after which the CRD will shortlist proponents and initiate an invitational Request for Proposals process in spring 2021.

The CRD Board delegated authority to the CAO to finalize negotiations with FortisBC on a supply agreement and proceed with procurement for the biogas upgrading facility. As a result, the CRD and FortisBC have executed a supply contract that will be submitted to the BCUC for approval this spring.

If approved, the CRD will continue to be responsible for the ownership and operation of Hartland Landfill, the landfill gas collection system and the biogas upgrading facility. FortisBC will pay a fixed price per gigajoule for the RNG and will be responsible for the costs associated with injecting the RNG into the natural gas distribution system. FortisBC will begin community outreach on a proposed addition to connect Hartland Landfill to their current gas distribution system later this month. 

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