The CRD is governed by a 24-member Board of Directors, which serves as a political forum and a vehicle for advancing the interests of the region as a whole. The Board is composed of one or more elected official from each of the local governments within the CRD's boundaries:

  • For areas outside municipal boundaries (electoral areas), citizens elect one director to the Board during general local elections.
  • Each municipal council appoints one or more elected official to the Board. The formula is one director for every 25,000 population (or portion thereof).

All members also sit on the Capital Regional Hospital District (CRHD) Board and the Capital Region Housing Corporation (CRHC) Board. Board meetings are held once a month and are open to the public.

Collectively, these boards establish the CRD vision, set priorities and provide direction on service delivery, collaboration and partnerships. Various committees and commissions oversee delivery of services and report to the CRD, CRHD and CRHC Boards.

The chair and vice-chair of each regional board are elected from among the directors at an inaugural meeting held each November. Next, the regional board chairs define various committees and their membership.

To make decisions, directors must vote. The CRD uses special voting rules based on population and the combination of participants in each service. Some votes are unweighted (one vote per director) and others are weighted based on population (one vote per 5,000 population or portion thereof). Read more >>