Business Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in the Capital Regional District (“CRD”) Business Opportunities.  When the CRD posts a new business opportunity or updates an existing one, all details and relevant documents will be posted to these webpages.

An additional feature of this site is a Vendor Notification service.   Vendors must Register to receive the automated email notification of new business opportunities.  The notification will include a link to the business opportunity.

Current Page

To view a description of new business opportunities and access relevant documents click Current on the left hand menu.  Documents are secured and can only be viewed by registered members. If you are already registered, you will be able to download the documents. There is no charge to register or to download documents.

Downloaded documents must not be altered in any way (except for the insertion of the required information).  Any alteration of a downloaded document without the express written consent of the CRD may invalidate the submission containing that alteration.

Vendors are advised that it is their responsibility to ensure that any download of documents from this site is successful and complete. The CRD will not assume any liability in the event that any such transmission is unsuccessful or incomplete.

If you wish to receive updates on a specific business opportunity, click the Subscribe button at the bottom of the page.

Under Review Page

The CRD will endeavour to post the unevaluated (unofficial) results for public openings on the Under Review page.

Concluded page

Contract awards will be posted on the Concluded page. 

As only the successful bidder will be contacted on conclusion of the process, the CRD wishes to thank all Vendors for their effort in preparing a response to the business opportunity.