Otter Point & Langford Bulk Water Filling Stations Out of Order

Jan 16, 2024 (updated Feb 20, 2024, 5pm)

Use alternate stations for bulk water filling until further notice.

The bulk water filling station located in Langford near 1000 Henry Eng Place is currently experiencing significant technical issues and will be out of service until further notice.  The CRD is working with technicians and the Manufacturer to determine the best way to repair the system. 

The bulk water filling station located at Otter Point Rd & Laronde Rd is currently experiencing moderate technical issues.  The CRD is working with the Manufacturer to run advanced diagnostic testing to determine the exact cause of the problem.  There is no current date as to when repairs can be made.  This alert will be updated as diagnostic testing is complete and more information is available.  

If you are in need of a bulk water filling station, please access our other filling stations located in Sooke at the intersection of Sooke River Rd & Sooke Rd and East Sooke across from 6261 East Sooke Rd.

The CRD apologizes for any inconveniences experienced during the repairs.