There are several reports and studies that have been conducted within the Bowker Creek watershed.  Many of those reports are provided here for information and reference.

Bowker Creek Blueprint

Click here to access the Bowker Creek Blueprint documents.

Restoration Prescriptions: Updated Appendix C

Appendix C from the Bowker Creek Blueprint was updated in 2023 to document changes in the riparian zone and creek channel since the original Blueprint was written, and to update restoration prescriptions for the creek. These restoration prescriptions include recommendations for each sub-reach (excluding channelized reaches) that would optimize the health of the creek and riparian areas. The updated Appendix can be found here.

Daylighting Feasibility Study

Bowker Creek Daylighting Feasibility Study (prepared by ISL Engineering and Land Services in 2020 on behalf of the Bowker Creek Initiative) is a critical milestone in the efforts of local governments and community groups to improve the health of the Bowker Creek watershed. With the detailed information compiled in the study, municipalities will be able to integrate creek daylighting options into redevelopment plans, and move forward with an enhanced greenway network through the watershed. The study can be reviewed here. In addition, this companion report describes potential storm water management facilities in the Bowker Creek watershed. 

Implementation Framework

The Implementation Framework was produced in 2021, as a result of a multi-year coordinated review by the District of Saanich, District of Oak Bay and City of Victoria to examine existing and potential watershed-wide planning tools in the Bowker Creek watershed. The framework describes tools adopted by each of the three municipalities to achieve the 20 private-property specific watershed-wide actions of the Bowker Creek Blueprint, and identifies opportunities for the municipalities to work together to address existing gaps in Blueprint implementation.

Cedar Hill Park Management Plan (District of Saanich)

In 2020, the District of Saanich approved the Cedar Hill Park Management Plan and associated Appendices. Reach 17 of Bowker Creek features prominently throughout the Management Plan. The Appendix includes a Technical Feasibility Study for Reach 17, including a hydraulic analysis of Cedar Hill Park exploring options for reducing peak flows, improving habitat, and protecting and enhancing water quality.

Shelbourne Valley Action Plan (District of Saanich)

In 2017 the District of Saanich approved the Shelbourne Valley Action Plan to guide land use and transportation decisions in the Shelbourne Valley over the next 30 years. The Plan has many components, including environmental objectives for restoring watershed health and rehabilitating Bowker Creek as it travels through the Shelbourne Valley. 

Bowker Creek Master Drainage Plan

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Bowker Creek Master Drainage-Report-with-figures-appendices-200resPDF30.79 MB05 Dec, 2013 Download
Bowker Creek Master Drainage-Report-WITHOUT-figures-appendicesPDF3.89 MB05 Dec, 2013 Download
MDP Figure 4-3 Scenario 3 mapPDF70.20 MB19 Dec, 2018 Download
MDP Figure 4-7A Scenario 7 mapPDF71.09 MB19 Dec, 2018 Download
MDP Figure 4-6 Scenario 6 mapPDF75.17 MB19 Dec, 2018 Download
MDP Figure 4-5 Scenario 5 mapPDF74.71 MB19 Dec, 2018 Download
MDP Figure 3-3 Hydraulic Model mapPDF74.70 MB19 Dec, 2018 Download
MDP Figure 4-4 Scenario 4 mapPDF74.92 MB19 Dec, 2018 Download
MDP Figure 4-2 Scenario 2 mapPDF74.24 MB19 Dec, 2018 Download
MDP Figure 4-1 Scenario 1 mapPDF74.31 MB19 Dec, 2018 Download

Bowker Creek Watershed Reports

Reports for Bowker Creek Restoration at
Oak Bay High School

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2019PhotoEssayForBCIWebsite-CreekRestorationPDF2.60 MB11 Jul, 2019 Download
Final Restoration DesignPDF16.80 MB19 Jun, 2015 Download
Illustrative DrawingsPDF45.89 MB19 Jun, 2015 Download
2015-bcr-ifcPDF16.80 MB19 Jun, 2015 Download
Geotechnical Investigation, Oak Bay High School Replacement, Thurber EngineeringPDF5.15 MB09 Jan, 2014 Download
FINAL - TechMemo-Bowker Creek at Oak Bay High School-KWLPDF223.17 KB09 Jan, 2014 Download
Bowker Restoration Zone ortho.pdfPDF452.63 KB09 Jan, 2014 Download
Bowker Creek-Plan_Profile-Nov 14 2012PDF280.02 KB09 Jan, 2014 Download
As builds for Running Track Retaining Wall at Oak Bay High SchoolPDF3.80 MB09 Jan, 2014 Download
Bowker Creek Channel-XSections-Nov 14 2012PDF60.71 KB09 Jan, 2014 Download
Bowker Creek OBHS Project Rough Grading SpecificationsPDF70.81 KB09 Jan, 2014 Download
OBH-Bowker-Creek-floodingPDF1.46 MB05 Dec, 2013 Download
OBH-Creek-restoration-Conceptual-landscape-planPDF865.93 KB05 Dec, 2013 Download
OBH-Bowker-Creek-flooding-with-site-planPDF1.66 MB05 Dec, 2013 Download
Bowker-Creek-Oak-Bay-Restoration-Project-DescriptionPDF319.76 KB05 Dec, 2013 Download
OBH-Creek-restoration-Current-site-plan-existing-creekPDF292.89 KB05 Dec, 2013 Download