Interpretive and channel marker signs

In 2005, four large educational interpretive signs were installed, one for each municipality and one at the University of Victoria. In 2006, channel marker signs were produced to mark the open sections of Bowker Creek. When Hillside Mall was renovated in 2014 two interpretive signs were installed there, highlighting the green infrastructure installed onsite to reduce contaminants and flooding into Bowker Creek. The educational and channel markers raise awareness of the watershed and the initiative.

Bowker Creek watershed model 

In 2022, an updated Bowker Creek watershed model was created to offer an engaging way of looking at urban watershed renewal. It is an interactive model that allows a wet display with water from a spray bottle to show how rain washes pollution into the creek and ocean, and how green stormwater management can reduce flooding, erosion, and keep pollution out of Bowker Creek. The model will be used for public education at events and also by local schools. For information about viewing the watershed model contact the BCI coordinator. 

BCI watershed model Camas Day