Join the BCI!

The BCI tries to maintain an appropriate balance of members, including a mix of people who represent diverce backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and neighbourhoods in the watershed. Selection criteria for public members and or groups to the BCI include:

  • property ownership or residency in the Bowker Creek watershed preferred (but not required)
  • willingness and ability to commit to the necessary time over a two year period
  • demonstrated knowledge of the Bowker Creek watershed
  • ability to work towards consensus with people who hold difference interests and opinions about the future of the Bowker Creek watershed
  • skills and experience related to watershed topics are helpful (but not required)
  • skills and expreience related to the roles and responsibilities associated with a steering committee are helpful (but not required)

Talk to us to find out more about joining the initiative.


BCI Outreach volunteer with stone mosaics made at Bowker Creek celebration events

Making silkscreen Bowker Creek pennants

Contacting the BCI

Want to get involved with the BCI?  Contact the Bowker Creek Initiative Coordinator: