Bird watching at Esquimalt Lagoon

Find out more about this unique ecosystem and how you can help protect it.

Featured Projects:

Dune Restoration

ELSI volunteers have been working since 2006 on Dune Habitat Restoration project on the Coburg Peninsula. The goals of the project are to:

  • restore native dune habitats through the establishment of demonstration restoration plots
  • realign beach access points and benches to reduce trampling across sensitive dune habitat
  • monitor the effectiveness of restoration
  • raise public awareness of dune habitats and engage residents and visitors in stewardship of the dunes.  
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What is ELSI?

The Esquimalt Lagoon Stewardship Initiative is a broad coalition of community and environmental groups, institutions, the business community, recreational user groups and government (federal, First Nations, provincial and municipal) working together to protect, enhance and restore
Esquimalt Lagoon and the Coburg Peninsula.
ELSI focuses on environmental issues in Esquimalt Lagoon and adjacent lands within the boundary of the Esquimalt Lagoon Migratory Bird Sanctuary and the surrounding watersheds. ELSI conducts outreach to residents, businesses and institutions in communities within the Esquimalt Lagoon watershed.

Annual Spring Broom Pull at the Lagoon

Saturday May 3rd
10:00am - 12:30pm
Meet at the washroom building

Please dress for the weather and bring gloves and pruners if you have them. Refreshments will be provided by Esquimalt Lagoon Enhancement Society.