Personal Training is back at Panorama!

Get in shape by working with a personal trainer. Your trainer will customize your workout based on your needs so you can reach your specific goals. Please complete a Personal Training Client Information Package (available online or at the front desk) to get started. Please bring a water bottle and towel with you to your session.

Please note that all personal training tickets are non-transferable and expire 6 months after the first session. All prices are plus tax.

  • 3 sessions $142
  • 6 sessions $261
  • 12 sessions $483

Try working out with a partner – semi-private sessions are also available. Price listed are for 2 people.

  • 3 sessions $94/person
  • 6 sessions $179/person
  • 12 sessions $314/person

Weight Room Orientations

  • 1 Private session $58
  • 1 Semi-private sessions $37/person

Check the right column for your Personal Training Client Packages and below for your Personal Trainer bios.

Personal Training is a great way to spend one-on-one time with a Registered Personal Trainer. Learn the basics of the weight room, create a personal training regime, stay motivated and work out safely.

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Personal Trainer Bios

ryanRyan Anderson
Certified Strength and Condition Specialist

Ryan has over ten yeas of experience within the fitness industry and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association

Ryan utilizes a movement approach to fitness and seeks to find a balance between an individual’s strength and flexibility attempting to better joint function. Promoting longevity is the main goal of Ryan’s programming, ensuing a client learns about their body in the process of moving. Our bodies will tell a story of how we’ve moved previously and solving the riddle of poor movement patterns is where he can provide guidance, expertise and encouragement.

Ryan promises that better health and well-being is not an overnight endeavor. Consistent progress comes with consistence practice and better health comes with focus rather than aversion. Turn a page in your movement story every day and you will eventually finish a chapter, a short story and possibly an encyclopedia.

Judy BrochezJudy B 120x168
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education
BCRPA Group Fitness Instructor, Weight Training specialist, Third Age Module, and Supervisor of Fitness Leaders
CanFit Pro Personal Training and Fitness Instructor Specialist
CSEP Appraiser – Standardized Test of Fitness
Yoga Level 1, Frameworks Instructor Training
Fitball level 1 ,2, 3(advanced), Incrediball Enterprises
Fusion Fitness Training
Joint Replacement Course
I.C.E. Indoor Cycling Experience

Judy has been very active in the fitness community since 1982. She is a BCRPA registered Personal Trainer, Advanced Strength Trainer, and Group Fitness leader and has experience as a club owner, workshop presenter and as an evaluator of fitness leaders. With her years of experience she brings a love for the industry and truly values the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. She prides herself on professional development and takes great care to provide programming that is current, effective and safe. Judy enjoys every opportunity to share her expertise and enthusiasm with others so that they may enhance their everyday lives. In addition to teaching fitness classes, Judy also teaches popular programs at Panorama, including Full Circle Fitness and 4Core!

Krista Enderudkrista
Balance & Mobility Training, Core & Posture Training
TRX Suspension Training, Fitness Programmer,
Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

I have a passion and love for fitness and I enjoy working with people. I believe that exercise should be both fun and enjoyable and suited to a person’s individual needs, interests and goals. I follow a functional based approach to fitness including: weight training, balance, mobility & coordination exercises, cardiovascular training, core and posture training and flexibility to enhance everyday living. I enjoy working with clients of all ages and abilities. As a fitness instructor, I enjoy teaching a range of fitness classes including, Power Body Step, Total Body Conditioning, Fitness Fix, Indoor Cycling, TRX and Fall Prevention programs. I enjoy working with participants one-on-one to help them achieve a fitness program that enhances both physical and mental well-being. My background in psychology and fitness helps me to create fitness programs that personally motivate and empower clients to challenge themselves and enjoy life long fitness.

Amanda Irving amanda-i-sq
BCRPA Personal Trainer
BCRPA Group Fitness Instructor
Certified Early Childhood Education Assistant

I have always felt the need to be active and stay active whether through dance, sports, or aerobic classes. I have been a fitness instructor since 1999 when I completed my Group Fitness training through BCRPA and have continued with my education in health and fitness completing both the BCRPA Strength Training and Personal Training modules. I enjoy teaching all kinds of classes from Hi Lo aerobics to cardio box and Kettle bell and am especially passionate about strength training. I believe in working as efficiently and effectively as possible, providing challenging, creative and safe personal or group programs. I find it very fulfilling to help each individual work towards their fitness goals and truly believe that all aspects of life benefit from exercise.

liam2Liam McTavish
Spin instructor, TRX instructor, H.I.I.T instructor, Weight Training for Teens instructor, Personal Trainer

Liam has been working with Panorama Recreation for over 3 years and he continues to bring a motivated and outgoing attitude every time he arrives. Liam is currently attending Camosun College to obtain his BSFL degree and after possibly pursue physiotherapy. Liam constantly improves and adapts his programming to ensure every patron has what they need to achieve their own fitness goals. He is a breath of fresh air and encourages people to bring any questions, concerns, and comments to his attention.


kim-pKim Powers
BCRPA certified Weight Training Specialist
BCRPA certified Personal Trainer
BEd in Elementary French Language learning

As a new resident to the island, Kim has found inspiration amongst the locals (of all ages!) to continue her own passion for fitness and wellness by embarking on fitness training and education herself. Her passion is making fitness both challenging and fun. Whether it is with a group or an individual, Kim relies on her enthusiasm and strong teaching techniques for learning what works best for every one of her clients. Having the tools to improve life through fitness, she believes that everyone can expect to enjoy all that life has to offer. Not only has she been an elementary school teacher for over 20 years, Kim has also enjoyed running in several half marathons, skiing the Rockies with her family, golfing since she was a small child, and playing women’s hockey. In her spare time Kim enjoys travelling, strength training, hiking, gardening and fishing.

kirsten-ramsayKristen Ramsay

CSEP Certified Personal Trainer
NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist (In progress)
BSFL Camosun College

With an avid interest in trail running and endurance sport, Kirsten possesses a passion for exercise programming in sport and outdoor performance. Completing the 185km circumnavigation of Mont Blanc, active commuting by bicycle, and helping individuals of all abilities achieve their personal goals in health, fitness, & performance are some highlights of Kirsten and her motivation in making active lifestyles sustainable. Kristen has been with Panorama Recreation since 2018; involved in personal training, cardia rehabilitation, HIIT, TRX, Kettlebell and sport specific fitness.

Cathy Roberts

cathy-r-sqBCRPA Registered Personal Trainer
BCRPA Registered Weight Trainer
BCRPA Osteofit Instructor
BCRPA Group Fitness Instructor
Certified Canadian Optometric Assistant

Cathy developed a keen interest in the human body when she started working as an Optometric Assistant in 2000. She became an avid runner, competing in several 10k & ½ marathon races and completed a full marathon in 2005! Cathy found a hidden desire to show others how fitness training can improve their quality of life and how it can even slow down the aging process! You will also see Cathy supervising in the Weight Room as well as teaching Osteofit classes here at Panorama. She is a BCRPA registered Group Fitness, Weight Training and Osteofit Instructor. Cathy enjoys working with people of all ages and has a sincere desire to help each participant reach their fitness goals while having fun along the way!

Rachel Schmidtrachel-schmidt
Bachelor of Athletics and Exercise Therapy from Camosun College
Certified Canadian Athletic Therapists Association.

Rachel has worked with para-athletes, hockey, volleyball, soccer, basketball and rugby as well as groups like PISE Adaptive and the Prostate Center. Helping people learn how to move their bodies safely is a passion that she has continued to develop through the program. Rachel was active growing up and played a variety of sports, and in the process has experimented with what it means to be healthy and active and the different facets that this can have. She has an interest in using exercise as medicine; to prevent new injuries from occurring and to prevent old injuries from resurfacing.

angela-turnbull-sqAngela Turnbull

BCRPA Registered Personal Trainer
Yoga Fitness Leader
Keiser Certified Spin Instructor
Older Adult Fitness Leader
TRX/Hiit instructor

Angela has always been an active person, growing up in New Zealand, it was part of the culture to hike, ride, ski, surf (bob around in the water). After moving to Canada, Angela participated in 10km running events, ½ marathons and triathlons before shifting her focus to strength training. With continued interest in health & wellness, she gained certification in Weight Training, Personal Training and Nutrition Advisor Certification. She currently teaches a number of Spin, TRX and Yoga classes for a balanced approach to fitness. Angela is also our Program Assistant in the Fitness, Weights and Rehab dept, drop by and say Hi or Kia Ora!

Tia Turlocktia
CSEP Certified Personal Trainer
Bachelor’s in Sport & Fitness Leadership Specialized in Exercise and Wellness

Fitness and health has always been a part of Tia’s life in some way. While growing up she played almost every sport she could sign up for. Her main sports growing up were Soccer, Volleyball, and Fastball, while also dancing for 11 years. Growing up she was always at practice, rehearsal, or a game that shaped her as an individual and made being active a part of everyday life. This passion lead her to Camosun College for the Bachelors of Sport and Fitness Leadership, specializing in Exercise and Wellness. She completed her degree this past June and continues to grow as a personal trainer. Currently she spends a lot of time doing CrossFit as well as continuing to play Fastball through the summer. Her goal is to be able to help people reach their goals as well as help them start their journeys to a healthier and more active life and sharing her passion to helping people grow themselves. Tia believes strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.

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