We are pleased to offer a variety of community recreation programs for children birth to 5 years.

Before program start, please read through our FAQs. Important general and COVID-19-related policy and procedure information has been included.

COVID Sick & Withdrawal Policies

72 hours’ notice is required for withdrawal and full-refund from any programs. Exceptions may be made in the case of injury or illness.

At program sign-in, each session, you will be asked if your child is displaying symptoms of a common cold, influenza, COVID-19 or another respiratory disease. If yes, they, along with any siblings, will not be admitted and will be expected to self-isolate for at least 10 days prior to returning to programs. If symptoms develop during program, they will be immediately removed from the group to a designated sick child space, and a guardian will be called for pick-up. Please have them get assessed for a COVID-19 test and self-isolate for at least 10 days. If a negative COVID-19 test can be presented, or they are assessed by a family physician or nurse practitioner and it deemed to not be COVID-19, they may return to programs once symptoms resolve.

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Program Brochure

Registration is available online.


Our centres are 'nut aware' facilities. Please refrain from sending nut products with your children.

One-on-One Support and Individualized Behaviour Support Plans

Does your child receive educational assistance at school? Would they benefit from one-on-one support within our programs?

To ensure your child has the best possible experience and receives the support they need, families are encouraged to arrange additional support prior to program participation. Both the Supported Child Development Program through Island Health, and Aboriginal Supported Child Development, work with eligible families through offering observations, resources, ongoing support and training. We recommend contacting them early as demand is high.

Not eligible for support through one of these programs or feel an individualized behaviour support plan may be beneficial for your child? Please contact us to discuss. We appreciate as much notice as possible.