Panorama Recreation Centre

Tel: 250.656.7271
Fax: 250.656.3360

Greenglade Community Centre

Tel: 250.656.7055

For more on Panorama Recreation, or for a copy of our seasonal brochure, call us or send us an email.

Staff Contact Numbers


Lorraine Brewster Senior Manager 250.655.2170
Allison Sharp Manager of Administrative Services 250.655.2173
Nadine Kerk-Hecker Acting Administrative Secretary 250.655.2171


Matt Curtis Manager of Facilities & Operations 250.655.2175
Brett Wicker Maintenance Leadhand (Days) 250.655.2176
Andrew Etherington Maintenance Leadhand 250.655.2176
Kristine Tamburri Room Bookings 250.655.2191


Melanie Alsdorf Manager of Program Services 250.655.2174
Cathy Watts Aquatic Coordinator 250.655.2182
Martin Henderson Assistant Aquatic Coordinator 250.655.2183
Martine King Arena Coordinator 250.655.2181
Rhys Dunford Acting Arena & Sport Program Assistant 250.655.2191
Kim Say Community Recreation Coordinator (Adult Programs) 250.655.2178
Jason Gray Community Recreation Coordinator (Youth Programs) 250.655.2172
Ryan Smith Acting Assistant Community Recreation Coordinator (Youth Programs) 250.655.2180
Steven Freer Assistant Community Recreation Coordinator (Youth/Teen Programs) 250.360.3359
Lisa Sneek Marketing Coordinator 250.655.2179
Eric Knoester Racquet Sports Coordinator 250.655.2177
Ryan Anderson Fitness, Weights & Rehabilitation Coordinator 250.655.2184
Angela Turnbull Fitness, Weights & Rehabilitation Program Assistant 250.655.2189

Program Brochure

Registration is available online.


Contact Us

Panorama Recreation Centre
1885 Forest Park Drive
North Saanich, BC
V8L 4A3

Tel: 250.656.7271
Fax: 250.656.3360

Greenglade Community Centre
2151 Lannon Way
Sidney, BC
V8L 3Z1

Tel: 250.656.7055