How do I become involved?

There are a multitude of ways to get involved at Panorama. Browse through our program guide; come in and chat with our staff about courses; book a fitness training session or sign up for a course, or participate in planned giving — the possibilities are endless!

How is Panorama Recreation Operated?

The Peninsula Recreation Commission, a body of the CRD, administers Panorama Recreation for the Town of Sidney and the Districts of North and Central Saanich. The Commission is responsible for the operation of the recreation service, setting policy and an annual capital and operating budget. The budget is forwarded to the CRD in October of each year. An administrator and staff are employed to run the service. The manager of Program Services at Panorama is Melanie Alsdorf.

Can I attend Panorama if I'm not a member of the Saanich Peninsula?

Yes. Panorama is open to all members of the public; costs are the same for residents of all municipalities.

What are Panorama facility hours?

The facility hours vary depending on the area which you are attending. For example the arena facilities may open earlier/later than the weight room or racquet courts. Please refer to our home page for a list of our activity schedules for hours and programs offered.

What are the fees and admission rates for Panorama?

Rates are explained on our Admission Rates page. Prices drop significantly when you purchase 10 or more visits at a time. Families can also enjoy Panorama for only $13.50 for two adults and up to three children—a great way to spend quality time together.

Does Panorama have a fee assistance program?

Yes. Panorama Recreation is pleased to offer the LIFE (Leisure Involvement for Everyone) program. It is designed to provide no cost and low-cost recreation opportunities for individuals and families on limited incomes.

The LIFE program admission passes offer free, or reduced fee options for a variety of activities. Passes are available for children over 4 years of age, teens and adults/seniors. Read more >>

Are there any age restrictions for public access?

  • The Weight is restricted to age 15 and older. 13 years+ who have taken the Regional Weight Room Orientation course may attend.
  • Fitness classes have a minimum of 12 years of age.
  • In the Pool, children 6 yrs and under must be within arms’ reach of an adult (19yrs+) in the water at all times.

What type of fitness equipment do you have?

Our Aquatic area has

  • Two 25 metre lanes
  • Lazy river and therapeutic pool
  • Tot's pool
  • Water park toy features
  • Steam room and hot tub

What's the temperature of the aquatic area?

  • Main Pool 28.4 °C 83.1 °F
  • Leisure Pool 32 °C 89.6 °F
  • Swirl Pool 39.5 °C 103 °F

Where is the Lost & Found?

Please see reception.

How do lockers work?

All lockers accept tokens only. Tokens are available for purchase at reception. The cost is 25¢ per token or 25 for $5. Small lockers take 1 token, large lockers take 2 tokens. All lockers are for day use only ($10 charge for lost keys). Lockers are available on a first-come first-served basis.

What equipment do you have for sale at reception?

  • Goggles
  • Swim Caps
  • Nose Plugs
  • Ear Plugs
  • Little Swimmers
  • Hockey Tape
  • Squash Balls
  • Tennis Balls
  • Water Bottles
  • Towels

What equipment do you have for rent?

We have ice skates, squash, racquetball and tennis racquets. A valid Picture ID is required for racquets (Driver's License, School ID etc). Helmets are available to borrow at no cost.

What are your Active Pass policies?

Panorama Recreation Centre Active Membership/Pass Terms and Conditions

  • Services include drop-in access to the facility during regular hours of operation.
  • Panorama Recreation reserves the right to alter the days and/or hours of facility operation.
  • Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Passes must be presented at each visit for every pass holder entering the facility.
  • Failure to produce a valid membership card may result in a general admission charge.
  • There is a $10 replacement fee for any lost or stolen membership card.
  • It is the Member’s responsibility to inform the Operator of any changes in their mailing address, credit card information or email address.
  • Failure on the Member’s part to take advantage of the privileges of membership shall not relieve the Member from payments due.
  • Passes may be extended for medical exceptions. Documentation must be presented.
  • Pass refunds are available only for medical or relocation reasons and documentation must be presented for a refund to be considered. The refund amount, if applicable, is calculated by determining the equivalent 1, 3 and 6 month pass rate or combination of passes for usage. Any pass refund is subject to a $10 administration fee. Additional administration fees apply to annual regional passes.

Do support workers need to pay admission if they're with their disabled clients?


How is Panorama Funded?

Panorama is funded by a property value tax, user fees, donations, grants and cost sharing.

How do I advertise with Panorama?

Panorama Recreation has a variety of advertising opportunities from rink board to pool wall boards as well as our seasonal brochure. Advertisement in our facilities and printed program guides can reach over ten thousand Greater Victoria residents and visitors seasonally. Please contact Lisa Sneek, Marketing and Promotions.

Are there programs offered at facilities other than Panorama?

Yes, many! An entire section of our programming is dedicated to classes held at Greenglade Community Centre on Lannon Way in Sidney, BC. Panorama holds classes and works cooperatively at 18 community centres and schools on the peninsula including the Central Saanich Cultural Centre and the North Saanich Middle School Neighbourhood of Learning. Whatever you're looking for in recreation, it's likely you'll be able to find it nearby.

Why are parks and recreation programs important?

Recreation used to be viewed as something pleasant which we did when we had time. This perception has undergone significant change in recent years. Individuals and communities have realized—and research continues to demonstrate—the broad reaching benefits associated with recreation and active living. The 1997 Benefits Catalogue, produced by the REThink Group for Health Canada, the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association and Parks and Recreation Ontario, identifies eight major benefits areas. These are:

  • Recreation and active living are essential to personal health
  • Recreation is a key to balanced human development
  • Recreation and parks are essential to quality of life
  • Recreation reduces self-destructive and anti-social behaviour
  • Recreation and parks build strong families and healthy communities
  • Recreation reduces health care, social service and police/justice costs
  • Recreation and parks are significant economic generators
  • Parks, open space and natural areas are essential to ecological survival

Program Brochure

Registration is available online.

  Fall 2022 Brochure Cover

Planning for winter? Our winter 2023 brochure will be available for online viewing Wednesday, November 23rd. Online registration will begin at 6am, Wednesday, November 30th.

LIFE Program

Panorama Recreation is pleased to offer the LIFE (Leisure Involvement for Everyone) Program. It is designed to provide no cost and low-cost recreation opportunities for individuals and families on limited incomes. Read more >>


The Leisure Access Victoria App (LAVA) provides information about the accessible features at each recreation centre throughout Greater Victoria. Search by facility or feature then get a sense for the centre through pictures, video clips and written descriptions.

Community Resources

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