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Submit a separate form for each unique program ie. if you teach Yoga and Pilates, or if you teach the same program on different days and times each week.

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As a way of encouraging members to participate in registered courses and to make participation in these programs more accessible, Deluxe Pass membership holders typically receive up to 20% off registration fees of registered courses.

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Panorama Recreation participates in the Leisure Involvement For Everyone (L.I.F.E.) program that allows those with low incomes to register for a limited number of programs at a reduced rate (50% discount up to a maximum of $50).

Please confirm the revenue split negotiated with your Program Coordinator.*

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All contractors and their employees are required to provide proof of a recent (within 1 year) municipal Criminal Record Check prior to the start of the program. Criminal Record Checks can be obtained from your local Police Department.
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