Report a Maintenance Issue

If you have an emergency (fire or flood) please call our 24 hour emergency pager at 250.388.1690.

Request Replacement or Improvement to Your Unit

To request the replacement of a component(s) in your unit please complete the following form and return it to our office. If your building has a caretaker drop box forms may be delivered to the drop box or directly to our office via mail or fax.

Report a Tenant Related Incident

If you have a concern with a neighbour in your complex or with a Capital Region Housing Corporation staff person. Read more >>

Request a Transfer

To be eligible you must have resided in our unit for 1 year, paid your rent on time, have no outstanding charges, maintained your unit and have no warning letters on file. If you are in receipt of a rent subsidy to be eligible for a transfer you must meet one of the following transfer reasons. Read more >>