We are committed to increasing affordable housing opportunities for individuals and families in our region.

Below is a summary of new developments planned and underway. 

Completed: Prosser Place

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The project is completed. More information.

Located in Central Saanich, Prosser Place is a 51-unit affordable housing building that will be operated by the CRHC and will include 41 units for tenants with low to moderate incomes. Ten units will be rented at provincial income assistance rates under the Regional Housing First Program (RHFP). The provincial income assistance units will be offered to individuals who have experienced homelessness and are ready to live independently. The rent for these units will be set at the provincial income assistance rate.

Central Saanich is a friendly and active community spanning the middle of the Saanich Peninsula. The Saanichton Village Design Plan outlines the vision of the larger village area to include density and diversity of housing, accommodating people throughout their lifespan which also supports a vibrant village core. This project aligns with and will form an important part of this community plan.

Proposed Building Features

  • 8 studio units
  • 31 1-bedroom units
  • 12 2-bedroom units
  • Underground parking
  • Close to Centennial Park and nearby shops and services
  • Public transportation adjacent to the property
  • Designed and constructed to achieve BC Energy Step Code – Step 2

Completed: Twenty-Seven Eighty-Two


Located in Langford, 2782 Spencer Road is a 58-unit affordable housing building operated by the CRHC and includes 58 units for low to moderate income seniors, individuals and families, including those with disabilities. Eleven units will be rented at provincial income assistance rates.

Set near Langford's urban centre, Twenty-Seven Eighty-Two is a five-storey wood-framed building part of a larger redevelopment that includes the Tri-Way Mobile Home Park lands and a mixed-use commercial area along the Trans-Canada Highway. Parks, shopping and schools are nearby.

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Building Features

  • 1 studio unit
  • 37 1-bedroom units
  • 5 1-bedroom/den units
  • 10 1-bedroom accessible units
  • 5 2-bedroom units
  • 58 surface parking spots
  • Close to parks, shopping and schools
  • Public transportation close to the property
  • Designed and constructed to achieve BC Energy Code Step 4

Michigan Square


Located in James Bay, Michigan Square is a 62-unit housing development owned by the Capital Region Housing Corporation since 1985.  Redevelopment will include replacing the three buildings fronting Michigan Street with two 4-storey apartment buildings to provide 97 new affordable rental units.

The site is in close to James Bay and South Park Elementary schools, recreation areas Beacon Hill Park and Ogden Point as well as nearby transit and shopping centres.

The project will get underway in December 2021 with completion estimated in Q1 of 2024.

Learn more and subscribe for updates on the Michigan Square project page.

Proposed Building Features

  • Affordable rentals
  • 3 studio units
  • 4 studio accessible units
  • 30 1-bedroom units
  • 3 1-bedroom accessible units
  • 47 2-bedroom units
  • 10 3-bedroom units
  • Existing 68 vehicle parking structure will be retained
  • 132 bicycle parking spots will be provided
  • Close to parks, shopping and schools
  • Close to public transportation
  • Designed and constructed to achieve BC Energy Step Code 3



Located at 1211 Gladstone Avenue, Caledonia is an 18-unit townhouse complex at the end of its service life and requiring replacement. The redevelopment area has been expanded to include the former site of the Fairey Tech building.

This redevelopment in the heart of Fernwood will feature 158 new affordable rental housing units within 2 apartments and 3 townhouse buildings. The project features large expanses of landscaped space, featuring rain gardens and urban agriculture components, and provides an amenity room for use by a non-profit neighbourhood group.

Caledonia will be constructed and operated under the terms of the Community Housing Fund (CHF) program in partnership with BC Housing and will offer 32 units at provincial assistance rates.

The project will get underway in Q3 2022.

Learn more and subscribe for updates on the Caledonia project page.

Proposed Building Features

  • Affordable rentals
  • 14 studio units
  • 38 1-bedroom units
  • 7 1-bedroom accessible units
  • 57 2-bedroom townhouse units
  • 13 2-bedroom units
  • 5 2-bedroom accessible units
  • 2 2-bedroom accessible townhouse units
  • 11 3-bedroom units
  • 2 3-bedroom townhouse units
  • 1 3-bedroom accessible units
  • 6 4-bedroom units
  • 2 4-bedroom townhouse units
  • 117 vehicle parking spots including 16 visitor stalls
  • 224 bicycle parking spots will be provided
  • Close to parks, shopping and schools
  • Close to public transportation
  • Pathway leading to Victoria High School
  • Private and shared patio areas
  • Playground
  • Sustainable landscape design featuring regional plants
  • 121 new trees will be planted
  • Designed to BC Energy Step Code 3



Stret view of 2A003 Mason Street Pandora Capital Project

The CRHC, BC Housing and the City of Victoria are working together to build approximately 205 new homes and a community space at 930/926 Pandora Avenue.

The land is owned by the City of Victoria and will include approximately 16,000 square feet of ground-floor space managed by the City of Victoria and used for community programs and childcare.

The 205 new non-market rental homes will be a mix of 158 affordable rental housing units and 47 supportive housing units. The affordable rental homes will be operated by the CRHC. BC Housing will engage a non-profit operator to manage the supportive housing.

To learn more about this project go to BC Housing's Let's Talk page.

Proposed Building Features

  • 158 affordable units (CRHC)
  • 47 supportive units (BC Housing)
  • Community space (City of Victoria)
  • Childcare spaces