If you have a concern with a neighbor in your complex, please try and resolve the issue directly with the neighbor. If this does not work, please contact your caretaker for help. If the issue is not being resolved, or if the complaint is of a serious nature, please put your complaint in writing to the Tenant Relations Property Manager. Please list dates and times the problem is occurring, and as much specific information as you can about the dispute. Staff will contact you to try and assist with a resolution.

If you think that the Housing Corporation is not meeting its obligations under your tenancy agreement or the Residential Tenancy Act, please contact the Operations Manager at the Housing Corporation office. If we cannot resolve the issue, you may apply to the Residential Tenancy Branch for a dispute resolution officer to assist with a solution or to rule on the matter in dispute. This service is free to residents of British Columbia who have a limited income.

If you have a concern with a Housing Corporation staff person, please call the office and ask to speak to their supervisor. You will be asked to provide your complaint in writing.

The Corporation is also governed by Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation. If you want to make an application for release of information under FOI, please contact the Capital Regional District FOI Officer by calling 250.360.3000.