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What to do if it gets too hot

The heat dome in 2021 appeared suddenly and that led to some serious outcomes for many. The Province, the Federal government, regional governments and we here at CRHC and CRD, want to be better prepared for more heat related events. The following links will give you some important tips on how to stay cool if the heat spikes, and what to do in case you’re at risk.

For more information check out "The heat dome and CRHC" article in the CRHC Summer 2022 Newsletter.

New Tenants

The following resources are now available online:

Tenant Orientation Videos

The following Tenant Orientation Videos are now available online:

Tenant Newsletters

The following Tenant Newsletters are now available online:

Tenant Advisory Committee

The Capital Regional District (CRD) Tenant Advisory Committee is an advisory committee established by the Hospitals and Housing Committee to promote effective communication, engagement and collaboration between the Capital Region Housing Corporation (CRHC) and its tenants, and provide information, feedback and advice regarding tenant related policies and programs to support healthier and more livable communities.

Tenants Insurance

Tenant insurance is a condition of tenancy in many CRHC properties. Even when it isn't a condition of your tenancy, CRHC strongly recommends it. If an event such as a fire means you have to be out of your unit, CRHC does not relocate you. Local municipalities may offer 48-72 hours of emergency accommodation, but after that, you need to have somewhere to stay until work is completed on your unit.

If your tenant insurance has lapsed please contact your provider to renew your policy or consider applying for low-cost tenants insurance through Marsh. CRHC doesn't get any direct benefit if you insure with Marsh's lower-cost tenants insurance program; we are sharing this information on behalf of Marsh Canada in the hope that it may be an affordable way for you to you to have insurance coverage. If you have any questions, please call their phone number included in the following brochure:

Marsh's Private Client Services is the administrator of this tenant’s insurance program which provides you with the opportunity to purchase insurance to protect your contents. Affordable Tenant’s Insurance available for only $12.50 per month, you will receive $15,000 of contents coverage!

Emergency Preparedness

CRHC encourages all tenants to access emergency preparedness information on the CRD's Prepare Yourself website.

CRHC’s 2018 Landscaping Focus Group Report

In March 2018, the Capital Region Housing Corporation (CRHC) hosted a Landscaping Focus Group to connect tenants, CRHC landscaping contractors, and CRHC staff.

Introducing bc211

bc211 is a confidential and free help line for connecting individuals and organizations to community, social and government resources. Available by phone, text, online and web chat. Visit www.bc211.ca or dial 211 to get connected.