24 Hour Emergencies

Caretakers do not regularly work after 4:30pm on weekdays, or on weekends or statutory holidays, but an emergency caretaker is always on call for maintenance/building emergencies.

If you have an emergency: fire or flood, please call our 24 hour emergency pager at 250.388.1690. Emergencies are problems that must be addressed immediately in order to avoid damage to your unit or to the housing complex. Examples of emergencies are leaking hot water tanks, electrical problems or a malfunction of your toilet in units where there is one bathroom only. Routine maintenance requests should not be made to the emergency caretaker.

The Landlord does not respond to tenants possessions:

  • Loss of essential services (water, heat, elevator)
  • Risk to the building or your possessions (flooding or fire alarm)
  • Security risk (like broken locks or doors)

Routine Maintenance

You should call your caretaker to report a maintenance issue. Your caretaker checks messages throughout the day. Please leave your name, address, telephone number and the type of problem. Remember to speak slowly and clearly if you are leaving a telephone message. It is important for you to leave permission for the caretaker to enter your unit if you won’t be home.  If your caretaker does not repair the problem or return your call within 48 hours, please contact the office for follow-up.

CRHC Policy 2.40: Call-Out Charges

  1. Tenants will be invoiced if they call out a caretaker to perform emergency or non-emergency work during the regular work day or after hours if that work is not included in rental agreement. Examples of this type of work would be to unlock a suite door or fix a toilet that was plugged by a foreign object.
  2. Caretakers must advise the tenant in advance that they will be charged for the call-out and give the tenant an opportunity to decline, wait until the next working day when overtime costs would not apply or repair the item themselves.
  3. Work must be requested by an adult tenant.
  4. Call-out charges are as follows:
    • Weekdays (between 8am and 6pm) $25.00 per hour/minimum call-out $25.00 (labour only).
    • After 6pm weekdays, Saturday, Sunday and Statutory Holidays $50.00 minimum call-out, $25.00 each additional hour (labour only).
    • Contractor costs and materials (if applicable).
  5. Staff may not accept money for services from tenants under any circumstances.