The Capital Region Housing Corporation (CRHC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Capital Regional District (CRD). Our mandate is to develop and manage affordable housing to meet the needs of people living within the capital region. 

The primary activities of the CRHC are the day-to-day management of housing, providing property management services, and providing services to almost 4,000 residents who live in more than 50 housing complexes across seven municipalities.

As the largest social housing provider in the capital region, the CRHC delivers affordable, attractive, inclusive, sustainable housing. The CRHC provides low- and moderate-income families with safe, suitable homes that remain affordable as their lives and families change and grow. The CRHC also provides affordable housing for low-income seniors and people living on government disability pensions. 

The CRHC is also committed to increasing affordable housing opportunities for individuals and families, especially for those in core housing need. To that end, the CRHC has been reviewing its current housing stock while looking for new opportunities. 

In all it does, the CRHC values honesty, integrity, reliability and openness. This includes working collaboratively with tenants, community partners and stakeholders to create safe, vibrant and accessible communities where tenants can feel a sense of pride and belonging.