Your rent must be paid on or before the first day of each month. Please call the office if you have any questions about paying rent.

Rent can be paid at the Corporation office, sent by mail, or put in the drop box at the Corporation’s door at 631 Fisgard Street after hours. The Corporation is not responsible for cash put in the drop box.

You can pay your rent by cheque, money order, cash, Interac™, or by pre-authorized debit from your chequing account.

After the first working day of the month regular cheques will not be accepted and payment must then be by money order, cash or Interac.

For pre-authorized debit arrangements, please contact the office.

Note: if rent is being paid by pre-authorized debit, we cannot make any changes after the 20th of the month. The next month’s rent will still come out of your bank account.

Late Or Unpaid Rent

If you can’t pay your full rent on the first day of the month because of unexpected circumstances you must contact the office before the first day of the month. Late rent payment is a breach of the Tenancy Agreement and is grounds for a Notice to End a Residential Tenancy.

Annual Rent Review

If you pay rent based on your income, each year you must complete an Application for Rent Subsidy form. You must provide satisfactory proof of income and assets. You are required to report any change in family size and income. These changes can affect your rent calculation.

The Housing Corporation will send you this form with instructions well in advance of your rent review. You must return all the documentation requested on time to avoid cancellation of your rent subsidy.