sookeThe District of Sooke supports a healthy and vibrant arts, cultural, and heritage sector.

Where to Find Public Art

The Sooke Region extends along the Southwest coast of Vancouver Island, approximately 40 minutes west of Victoria.

There is public art located at the Seaparc Leisure Complex as well as an ad hoc rock art installation at the main cross walk on Sooke Road.

Cultural Plan

The Sooke Region Cultural Plan provides a framework encouraging everyone to participate, support and appreciate arts, culture and heritage.

Long-term direction in the Plan recommends supporting creative occupations and designing and developing public art and infrastructure that reflects and celebrates the traditions of the community including the First Nation’s culture.

The District of Sooke contributes to the CRD Arts & Culture Support Service, which provides funding to arts organizations on behalf of eight municipalities and one electoral area in the capital region.

Artwork: The Gift of Salmon by Chris Paul

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