metchosinMetchosin has a rich tradition of art in the community.

Where to Find Public Art

Metchosin is a rural district located in the western communities in the capital region. It is a 30-40 minute drive from downtown Victoria. Public art can be found on road signs and on display in the centre of the town.

Arts & Culture Policy

The Metchosin Official Community Plan recognizes the Metchosin Arts & Cultural Centre Association (MACCA) as a service to the community.

The District of Metchosin contributes to the CRD Arts & Culture Support Service, which provides funding to arts organizations on behalf of nine municipalities and electoral areas in the capital region.

Artworks: Metchosin Community Mural by Metchosin Technical Centre Students; Mural on the side of the Metchosin Country Store by Kay Lovett

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