CRHC Snow and Ice Response

In the event of predicted or actual winter weather impacts, the Capital Region Housing Corporation (CRHC) will take steps to ensure our residences remain as safe as possible. Here is a summary of what to expect:

Staff will apply icemelt at the end of the day, or early in the day when freezing temperatures/ice/snow is forecast.

During icy conditions or after snow fall, staff will shovel, distribute ice melt and/or apply sand using the following work priorities:

  • First priority areas include common area stairs, steep ramps/interior roadways, high use walkways and public sidewalks. 
  • Second priority areas include assisting residents who are physically unable to clear their own sidewalks, front entries of seniors buildings plus access to garbage/recycling areas.
  • Third priority will include the remainder of the common area walkways/internal stairways.

The CRHC has a contract with a snow clearing company, which provides sand and salt application to driveways and clears snow from steep driveways and larger areas if the snowfall is significant.  This service automatically occurs at a number of sites which pose a higher risk for one or all of the previously mentioned conditions. If weather conditions require us to add these services to other sites, CRHC will communicate with the contractor to determine their ability to add them.

Things to Remember and Ways You Can Help

  • Staff resources do not allow us to clear walkways, stairs and porches for individual units, except those who are physically unable to do so.
  • We will have additional snow shovels on many sites for use by tenants – please speak with your Caretaker for more detail.  
  • Tenants may also apply their own ice melt as needed. 
  • Remember to wipe off your shoes to minimize the damage to interior flooring from the ice melt and sand.
  • Read and follow these personal health and safety tips for snowy and icy conditions:

Tips to Assist with Snow Clearing

  • Parking lots can be tight for the large trucks that clear snow and distribute salt and sand. They move snow around but do not remove it. Please leave extra time in the morning to remove any snow behind your vehicle.
  • Parking in approved, designated spots is important particularly during poor weather conditions. Parking in roadways/laneways, which are fire lanes, is not permitted at any time.  
    • During a snowfall, vehicles in these areas could be blocked in by snow and may prevent snow removal services from occurring at your complex.
    • Vehicles parked in prohibited areas will be towed at the Vehicle Owner’s expense.
  • If you have a vehicle that requires additional accommodation please speak with your caretaker right away to find out what other arrangements might be possible.

Extreme weather conditions can affect staff’s ability to get to work and can further impact our response times. We will be monitoring the conditions on our sites on a regular basis and utilize all resources available to ensure that we make our sites as safe as possible.  If you see a problem, let us know. Your patience and assistance is appreciated.