Esquimalt Lagoon Stewardship Plan

A coordinated restoration and stewardship program for Esquimalt Lagoon and Coburg Peninsula is necessary to prevent loss and destruction of habitat, disturbance to wildlife and to reduce contaminant inputs to the lagoon. The ELSI partners have developed a Stewardship Plan for Esquimalt Lagoon. This plan is designed to promote community stewardship and implement solution-oriented actions that will protect, enhance and restore the health and beauty of this significant ecosystem.

Coburg Peninsula Interim Management Guidelines

The Coburg Peninsula Interim Management Guidelines (IMG) was adopted by the City of Colwood in February 2007. The recommendations in this planning document were developed based on consultations with the public, landowners and other stakeholders. When Colwood adopted the IMG the City appointed ELSI as the IMG Implementation Advisory Committee. In this role ELSI worked with Colwood staff to develop a five-year implementation strategy, and continues to identify budget items and undertake coordinated activities.

Vision Statement

The Coburg Peninsula will remain an outstanding example of an ecologically diverse barrier spit. People will enjoy a variety of recreational activities, while treating the natural and cultural features with respect.

Goals to Guide Planning

  1. Manage the Coburg Peninsula in a collaborative manner, which involves all the parties and their identified interests.
  2. Support and restore the ecological processes, structures and functions of the Coburg Peninsula and the associated intertidal and estuarine habitats.
  3. Work with Esquimalt and Songhees Nations to protect and respect cultural and environmental features.
  4. Increase visitor stewardship through awareness and understanding.
  5. Provide opportunities for appropriate recreational activities that avoid or minimize damaging effects on valued natural and cultural assets.
  6. Provide simple amenities to support appropriate visitor access and recreational activities.
Esquimalt Lagoon and Coburg Peninsula from distance
Ocean Boulevard on Coburg Peninsula, the barrier spit that protects the lagoon