Read on to find out about the activities of the Bowker Creek Initiative (BCI).

Celebrating 10 Years of Success in the Bowker Creek Watershed

The Bowker Creek Blueprint is a 100 year plan to restore the Bowker Creek watershed, published in 2010. The Blueprint set out watershed principles and specific actions that balanced the social, economic and environmental factors of urban watershed renewal.

Ten years after the publication of the Blueprint, many successes have been achieved through the work of the BCI partners. Read more about accomplishments over the last 10 years here.

Bowker Creek Daylighting Feasibility Study

The Bowker Creek Daylighting Feasibility Study (prepared by ISL Engineering and Land Services in 2020 on behalf of the Bowker Creek Initiative) is a critical milestone in the efforts of local governments and community groups to improve the health of the Bowker Creek watershed.  With the detailed information compiled in the study, municipalities will be able to integrate creek daylighting options into redevelopment plans, and move forward with an enhanced greenway network through the watershed. The study can be reviewed here. In addition, this companion report describes potential storm water management facilities in the Bowker Creek watershed. 

Please note that as of January 31, 2022 the District of Saanich Council has not yet received the report. 

Interpretive Signs for the Watershed

In 2019 the BCI replaced the four aging signs in the watershed. Now there are 6 new signs throughout the watershed, from the headwaters at University of Victoria through Saanich and Victoria to near the mouth of the creek in Oak Bay. Read more and view the signs.

Oak Bay High School Bowker Creek Restoration Project


The physical reconstruction of the creek channel was completed in 2015, creating a meandering channel with riffles, small islands and lots of native riparian vegetation on the creek bank. Oak Bay High School students now have an outdoor classroom, and the community has a beautiful naturalized greenway to use.

You can help!

The Friends of Bowker Creek hold work bees at Oak Bay High and Monteith Gardens to remove invasive plants and restore nature species. They also run a Streamkeepers program with the goal of restoring chum salmon to Bowker Creek. Contact Friends of Bowker Creek Society for more information.

Collaboration with Green Team and Oak Bay High

In 2017 the Greater Victoria Green Team and two classes from Oak Bay High School teamed up with BCI volunteers to plant 258 plants in the restoration site. Read the report here and view the photos. Oak Bay News did a story on the event as well.

Restoration at Monteith St in Oak Bay

Bowker Creek flows through municipal lands on Monteith St with a community allotment garden on the north bank, and a native plant garden across the creek. Read more about the transformation of this site.

Living Lab Project at Bowker Creek

The Living Lab Project is a collaboration between UVic, the Songhees Nation, and local secondary schools to provide students and community with the knowledge and resources needed to support the development of an environmental stewardship program within traditional Lekwungen territory. In June 2017, Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth participants visited the restored Bowker Creek site at Oak Bay High School to learn about creek restoration, and how to assess water quality and biodiversity. Read more >>

What is the BCI?

The Bowker Creek Urban Watershed Renewal Initiative (BCI) is a unique multi-jurisdictional effort to improve the health of a highly urbanized watershed. The Initiative was established because of concerns about flooding, pollution, and the degraded condition of Bowker creek. Read more >>

A Beacon of Inspiration

In September 2021 the Partnership for Water Sustainability published a Watershed Case Profile to document the history and successes of the Bowker Creek Initiative and Bowker Creek Blueprint, which the authors describe as a "beacon of inspiration". This document celebrates the people and stories behind the first two decades of the Bowker Creek Initiative, including community champions and local government leaders, and gives a glimpse of what the future holds for the Bowker Creek watershed.