ELSI is governed by consensus-based committees. ELSI membership may change with the agreement of the members and as dictated by the issues being addressed by the committee.  Representatives are either appointed by the appropriate agency or organization, or a representative for a particular sector will be selected from applicants in response to advertising. 

Many of the ELSI partners have mandated responsibilities for various aspects of environmental management of Esquimalt Lagoon and the adjacent lands. Others are interested in the management of the lagoon for recreational and ecological values and as traditional lands.

ELSI Steering Committee

The Steering Committee includes representatives from all the partners and makes consensus-based decisions which guide ELSI. Collectively, the representatives act as a community-based, multi-stakeholder body working to address environmental issues in Esquimalt Lagoon and its watershed. The various subcommittees provide information to this decision-making committee.

Meetings are currently held on a quarterly basis. Contact the ELSI coordinator for more information.