Research Reports and Opportunities

The following is a non-exhaustive list of research studies that have been conducted at Esquimalt Lagoon. The unique geographic and biological features of the lagoon offer many opportunities for further research. Previous research studies could be potential launching points for further research. New areas of potential research are listed at the bottom of this document.

Water and sediment sampling

Algal blooms

Ecosystem profiles and mapping

Bird studies

Urban Ethnoecology studies

Forage Fish

Ecological Restoration

Aquatic Species Monitoring

Coastal Processes

Additional areas for potential study:

  • Distribution of invasive species (eg. invasive plants, European Green Crab)
  • Bird surveys
  • Coastal Douglas fir and riparian zone mapping
  • Fringe marsh and salt marsh monitoring
  • Species at risk surveys
  • Fish diversity surveys
  • Enhancements to support forage fish spawning
  • Biodiversity studies
  • Wildlife refuges
  • Human/wildlife interactions
  • Stream studies
  • Seasonal changes in water quality

This document summarizes past research conducted at the lagoon and provides suggestions for future research. For more information about research at the lagoon, contact the ELSI coordinator.